Why are Salmon so popular and useful?

Why are Salmon so popular and useful?

Fish in the diet

Fish does not in vain take its place in the diet of modern Ukrainians. ЇЇ It is necessary to have in the diet, because it is saturated with minerals that are useful for the body, and most importantly - it has in its composition omega-3 and omega-6, which are fatty acids, which are important for the normal activity of the body. Fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, keep the body in tone, increase immunity, act as antioxidants and have many other beneficial properties. Some of the most delicious fish are salmon fishes.

Salmon representatives and their benefits

This family includes many representatives, better known by the collective name of several species: salmon and trout. Representatives of the salmon family live in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Northern Hemisphere. The largest spawning sites are Kamchatka and Sakhalin. In Ukraine there are 2 families with 4 species and subspecies, namely Black Sea salmon, stream and rainbow trout, Danube salmon and others. In addition to the many nutrients in tasty meat, salmon are also useful in providing tasty caviar, which is also beneficial to the body, primarily because of its high protein content (more than 30% by weight of calf itself) and vitamins B, A, E , D and others.

Consumption rules and verification

Of course, fish consumption, like any other product, should be cautious and not exaggerated. When choosing salmon it is necessary to be careful, because such fish is often forged or, so to speak, decorated. When buying, you should pay attention to the supplier and the color of the fish (it should not be too gray or too pink). Grayness can be a result of feeding the fish with antibiotics. If you have already bought fish, you can check its quality at home. Sometimes irresponsible suppliers color the fish so that it has a more attractive pink color. You should use a regular salmon wipe if the napkin is left without pink marks - congratulations, your fish is not colored. Also at home you can read information about a salmon supplier on the Internet, there is exactly the information you need, or even product reviews.

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