As always with us you will learn more and more interesting and unusual things about such simple things. Today we are going to talk about eyelashes. Do you think you know a lot about them? We don't think so. So sit back and order your favorite Ossetian pie. Let's guess, with fish, or maybe cheese or meat. Although no, this is probably a sweet Ossetian pie with berry filling. Eh, so much delicious that it's just not realistic to choose one. That is why we have small diameter Ossetian pies. You can order several of your favorite types and try everything. We love and respect all our clients, so we do our best for your comfort. Our bakery has a very cool and fast delivery of Ossetian pies in Kiev. Why waste time arriving independently for an order, moreover, at such a not calm time. This very hour you can devote to yourself, your family. And your food will come to you very quickly and will be still hot, as if only from the oven. Don't believe me? This can be easily verified. Call or visit our website and order what you like. And our wonderful couriers will do their job very well.

And so, let's talk about what our beautiful women like to build up - about eyelashes. To begin with, we really need them. Indeed, thanks to them, dust and other foreign bodies do not get into our eyes. Why are they emphasized? Everything is very easy and simple, because it is very beautiful and is considered insanely popular. With emphasis, your eye becomes more expressive. Few people know that this is the coarsest body hair. Interesting?

Then read on for more interesting facts.

1. Many people forget that eyelashes also need to be looked after. With good treatments, they can grow significantly in size and become thicker. We all know that eyelashes fall out, but heavy fallout is no joke. Often the cause is incorrect washing off of the makeup. If this does not help, then give up decorative cosmetics for 2 months. You will see a cool result.

2. Have you noticed that the eyelashes are slightly lighter at the tips than at the roots? This can be easily explained. They just fade in the sun. It is practically impossible to get rid of this. Therefore, in makeup, in order to add bright eyes to yourself, you need to use one rule. First, go over the tips of the eyelashes with mascara, then give time for it to dry, and now you can safely paint the entire area. The result will shock you.

3. Few people know, but eyelashes are formed in the womb. They appear in a child as early as 16 weeks.

4. Eyelashes grow in several rows. At least three.

5. Eyelashes grow very quickly, so they can completely renew after 3 months. Therefore, if you accidentally cut them off, then new ones will be already after 12 weeks.