Let`s talk about it ...

Let`s talk about it ...
Sometimes sex is like delivering food in Kiev, sometimes long and slow with a lingering climax, and sometimes so quickly that it's not even fun. How to achieve harmony in a loving relationship?

Talk more

So speak, but not directly during the act itself. Don't be afraid to tell your partner about your desires and fantasies, he may want the same as you, but feel free to admit it. Discuss poses in which you are comfortable and in which you are not. Sincerity and sincerity are the core core relationships that will help turn ordinary sex into an unforgettable process.

Drop fears and uncertainty

Often, especially in the fair sex, there is a fear of dislike for the husband, even if they have been married for several years and the man knows everything about her. Women often experience how they look, how their hair lies, whether or not they notice an extra crease on their bellies, and so on. In fact, the man does not matter what appearance you have during sex, he just wants to enjoy you and make you both comfortable. However, if you constantly think about the exterior, you will not be able to feel all the pleasure of the process.


Of course, sex can become a routine over time, and partners may feel that they are just doing their duty. To avoid this one should not get hung up on something alone. Change not only the position, but also the place where you do it. If you are at all desperate, try to add a sense of "pepper" and do it in unconventional, or even public places (lift, toilet, etc.). After all, nothing comes closer than a total release of adrenaline.

Take your time

A big, big role is played by prelude, so don't neglect it. It not only adjusts to the right wave, but also relaxes the body and promotes increased secretion of testosterone, the hormone responsible for libido. Massage, caresses, intimate massage will actively contribute to this. But stress is the main enemy of this hormone, because a woman who is tired and stressed secretes oxytocin, which blocks testosterone.

Try something special

Of course, there is neither a magic pill nor a miracle meal that can simply take and increase the libido of a man or woman, but there are certain foods that help replenish your body with trace elements that help the blood supply to certain parts of the body. Such products include ginger, avocado, celery, black raspberries, bananas, almonds and chocolate. Among them are seafood, especially oysters, which are a powerful aphrodisiac, and which contain the lion's share of zinc, which is so necessary for male potency.
Well, if we have already talked about food, then why not arrange a romantic dinner, which will also help you to achieve harmony and set up for unforgettable sex. After all, nice music, candle flickering and delicious meals are a great way to relax and enjoy each other. And if you do not want to stand at the plate preparing meals for the evening, why not make a meal at home and quietly tune in to the evening and its aftermath. And the delivery of food in Kiev will provide you with delicious food.