Benefits of Dried Fruits: Why Is The Least Good The Most Beneficial?

Benefits of Dried Fruits: Why Is The Least Good The Most Beneficial?
   Dried fruits - a product that has learned to produce probably during the Stone Age. Most likely, it arose by accident: someone put the fruit on the stone, and under the influence of the sun formed a dried fruit. Dried fruits have long been famous, because they were a unique product: under normal conditions they did not spoil for about a year and had high nutritional value, and therefore allowed people to survive in the old days in the absence of other food. This is why dried fruits were made to survive. The merchants used them during a vitamin defect in a sea voyage, they rescued people in poor harvest, they were used as just a nutritious product, because life was not easy.
   But why are dried fruits now popular? All because of the fact that in addition to nutrition, they contain a lot of useful vitamins and essential for health. Today, there is a large selection of dried fruits, and each is useful in its own way. Dried pears and apples have a very positive effect on the body. They contain boron, which is required for brain activity, pear can also excrete toxins from the body. Dried bananas contain potassium, it also contains prunes, which also has calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper for blood vessels and iodine for the thyroid gland. The dates are generally unique. They contain a large amount of amino acids, contain all vitamins except vitamin E and biotin. The most popular - raisins also have a positive effect on the body, but when used, you need to be careful because of its high calorie content.
   In general, the choice of dried fruits should be careful. The same raisins, for example, should not be light. Real raisins of dark color. And light raisins are a consequence of chemical treatment. It is best to produce dried fruits on their own or to buy from trusted suppliers, as non-responsible manufacturers often process fruits with sulfur dioxide and other substances to extend shelf life and enhance appearance. The best dried fruit is non-glossy, inconspicuous and slightly ugly. This indicates that it was not treated with chemicals.
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   Now dried fruits are used for second courses, drinks, desserts and other pastries, and their popularity is well deserved, because in the winter they are a real storehouse of useful trace elements and vitamins. That is why we suggest ordering Ossetian pies with dried fruits, as it is not only useful but also delicious!