Travel to Kharkov

Travel to Kharkov
Kharkov, special in spirit and style, is considered one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Ukraine.
The city was founded in 1654, for its long history of existence has received an interesting, eventful story. Constantly a huge number of tourists come to the city who want to get to know this city closer. When it becomes possible to travel to Kharkov, you will not have to be bored. The city combines ancient architecture and modern buildings, parks filled with the energy of beauty, special and popular, modern attractions such as the cable car, children's railway, the Eiffel Tower.
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And now let's go on a trip to Kharkov ...
Blagoveshchensky cathedral
On the Blagoveshchenskaya street is the "heart" of Kharkov - the most beautiful cathedral, which is considered the same age as Kharkov. The Byzantine style with a large number of decorative elements is striking in its grandeur.
Freedom Square
Of particular importance is the famous Freedom Square, it is considered the largest in area in Europe. Various events, of different sizes, exhibitions, concerts, fairs are held on the square, sand or ice sculptures are installed, in winter there is an ice rink and a huge New Year tree.
The Eiffel Tower
The modern amazing attraction of Kharkov is the Eiffel Tower, a miniature copy where everyone has the opportunity not only to feel the fabulous, romantic atmosphere of Paris, but also to take unforgettable photos as a keepsake, to return again and again to romantic memories. And, in order to enjoy the magnificent panorama of Kharkov, you just need to climb the observation deck along a spiral staircase.
Dolphinarium "Nemo"
Good impressions will remain after visiting the Nemo Dolphinarium. Friendly marine artists: seals, a lion, dolphins are looking forward to seeing the audience. Artists show their skills, radiate joy, charge with extraordinary energy and love.
Children's railway "Malaya Yuzhnaya"
Pay attention to the Malaya Yuzhnaya children's railway, which has its own peculiarity - almost all employees are children. They simultaneously learn and hone the skills of the difficult, but interesting profession of a railwayman. From May to October, the trailers gladly make small trips, while young guides at this time introduce the history and interesting facts of the life of the children's railway.
Botanical Garden of Kharkov
If you want to visit nature, visit the Kharkov Botanical Garden. The unlimited beauty of which strikes with strangeness, the power of nature, at any time of the year. Here you can see not only familiar plants, but also many types of exotic plants from different countries and continents. You will find huge and mighty trees, a collection of conifers. One of the features of the garden is its own collection of orchids, the variety of colors and varieties will not leave anyone indifferent.
Kharkov cableway.
It is no less interesting to see the city from above. Not far from the Botanical Garden is the famous Kharkov cable car. This is an ordinary, fun and interesting walk at altitude. But some visitors use this attraction as a vehicle. A suspension road connects Sumskaya and Pavlovo Pole streets. The cable length is 1.5 kilometers, the maximum height is about 30 meters.
Cultural leisure park named after M. Gorky
A walk on the cable car will lead you to an unforgettable, inspirational, amazing park - the main park of Kharkov, whose area is 130 hectares. The second name among the residents is "Kharkov Disneyland". This city of relaxation, inspiration, walks, meetings, for all residents, tourists, visitors. In the park you can meet from the smallest visitor to the very advanced age. In the park there are a huge number of various modern attractions, carousels, playgrounds and sports grounds. Everyone will be able to ride bicycles, roller skates, sledges in winter.
A beautiful lake with swans pleases with beauty, around which arbors for relaxation are located.
For every age there is a corner that will inspire you with energy, a good mood.
Mirror stream
The Mirror Stream is a fountain connected to a gazebo nearby, one of the main, modern symbols of the city. The image of this monument can be found on posters, travel booklets, leaflets, magazines / catalogs about Kharkov. Almost no tour is complete without a visit to the fountain. Almost no wedding takes place without a photo shoot by the Mirror Stream.
Opposite the popular fountain-gazebo is the main theater of the city - Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater. N.V. Lysenko. The first opera house in Ukraine, although the construction project was originally developed for the capital, and not for Kharkov.
Kharkov Planetarium named after Yuri Gagarin
Kharkov, one of the few cities in Ukraine, which can be proud of having such a fascinating institution.
Kharkov Planetarium is a scientific, educational and cultural center that has the most modern technology. The peculiarity is that at the same time the planetarium works on ufological museum research and finds in this area, and as an educational center for children and youth. It is in the planetarium that you can observe the celestial bodies, learn a lot about space, stars, planets, you can also get acquainted with the history of Russian cosmonautics, the experience of world achievements in the space sphere, learn about mysterious phenomena.
Mysterious journeys to the cosmic universe are designed for visitors of different ages. A trip to the planetarium will leave a lasting impression.
There are still a lot of unexplored amazing places in Kharkov, but this is the next story ...
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