Work abroad

In recent years, more and more people are leaving to work abroad. It seems that there are more Ukrainians working in Poland than the Poles themselves. Already from school, everyone wants to leave in search of a better life. First we want to study at some eminent university, for example, Harvard. Then we want to get money in a world famous company. But what do we get in the end? On television, on the Internet, more and more often they talk about various achievements somewhere abroad. We are voiced by the level of their wages, the cost of products and more. Of course, translating all this into our currency, one gets the impression that people live better there. But is this a big question. We don’t hear how much the prices for utilities have risen. We do not know how much it costs to go to the dentist in Europe. For us abroad is a candy in a shiny package. We want to leave for a country about which, in principle, we know nothing. We do not know about their traditions, norms of behavior, but we know one thing - there is higher wages.

Surely each of us has a friend or acquaintance who, six months ago, was packing his bags and leaving for a beautiful life. And yesterday you met him at the store and it turned out that it was already 2 months since he returned. Undoubtedly, there are those who have worked out well. There are those who took their families there and are not going to return. This is probably a matter of chance and perseverance. It also depends on your purpose of staying abroad. Undoubtedly, if you are going for six months just to earn something, this is an option. You see nothing but work, because you spend 12-14 hours there, 6 days a week. If you want to stay there - that`s another story.

Why is everyone so eager to leave. Why is our country so disliked? After all, we ourselves are the smiths of our own happiness. This is the same as looking for a treasure in the neighbors` garden. It’s not easier to start with your own! Our country has a very strong education, intelligent and purposeful people. We can make one of our country into which we will also be thrown into crowds to earn money. Of course, residents of large cities, such as Kiev, leave less often. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the standard of living in large cities is slightly higher than provincial cities. We are more surrounded by the benefits of civilization. In our city there are still fewer people who are so eager to leave for the same neighboring Poland. It is for such people that we work. We try to make sure that you do not want to leave. Indeed, there you will not be able to order home delivery of Ossetian pies from "THREE PIES". We work for you. We do not strive for a better life somewhere abroad, if we try to make life better and tastier in our hometown. Perhaps somewhere better than here, there is also delicious food, round-the-clock food service at home. But we are at home. And there is nothing better and more comfortable than home comfort. And we will help make it even more comfortable. Our delivery service will bring the freshest pie, the aroma of which will clearly not leave you indifferent. And there is nothing to travel abroad, come to us!