Parental attitudes that spoil life

Parental attitudes that spoil life
Psychologists have long proven that all our problems in adulthood come from childhood. Feelings of loneliness, inability to communicate with the opposite sex, distrust of people, low self-esteem - all this appears thanks to parents and society. Our close people, I can not even say something out of malice, a seemingly ordinary word that can hurt for many years. Incorrectly given parental attitudes, spoil the child's life. Our team talked about this with psychologists and found out the top of the most popular parenting attitudes that do not favorably affect adult life.

Until you eat everything, you will not leave the table!

Most modern parents claim that they do not impart their opinion to their children, but develop a personality in them. But such words immediately lose their meaning when the conversation turns to food. Many people forget that even a one-year-old child has his own tastes and nutritional preferences. Often, parents monitor the child's diet, judging by their own experience. We are adults, we know better. Such violence (it is difficult to name it in another way) violates the physical boundaries of any child, at any age. Such actions of the parents make it clear to the baby that he is an empty place.
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You are not a child

Do not forget that children are children. You do not need to shackle them like an adult, let them live in this childish madness. If you want your child to receive low self-esteem in the future and a huge blow to creative development, then feel free to make him grow up ahead of time.

Need to share

A good, open-minded child should share his toys with others - that's what most parents think. And if there is no such desire, then a conversation is held with him about this. Very often everything ends with the phrase "don't be greedy." But if you ask the same parents for a personal thing, then they are unlikely to be satisfied. A toy for a child is like a personal item for an adult, you shouldn't forget about it. In this way, it is more likely to educate a person who in the future will find it very difficult to defend his opinion and show everyone his personal boundaries. It is difficult for such people to say no to someone.