The most popular food in the world

The most popular food in the world
Every child in Ukraine knows what potatoes are. This product is extremely popular and not for nothing, because it is very tasty and useful. We will not tell you facts already familiar to you at this time. For example, the homeland of the potato is North and Central America. The first to learn about this product is the Indians, from which the potato days began. Interestingly, the Indians not only made the potato a cult, but also brought it many varieties. Which we treat even today. Also, in schools we were told about the poisonous properties of our favorite product. Everyone knows that potato plants have the ability to accumulate poisonous toxin - solanine. First of all, it is poisonous berries. It is also a very well-known fact that potatoes are a symbol of Belarus. It is where it is most grown, it is ranked first in the world. Everyone knows about the first appearance of potatoes among people. The attitude towards her was ambiguous. People were so afraid of her that they even banned her in France for a while. This product was considered poisonous and used as a plant for good décor.
So, we couldn't help but tell you interesting and unknown facts about this delicious product, which, by the way, is also used by our bakery to make the best in the capital of Ossetian pies.
Interesting Facts
Not many people know, but potatoes are considered to be a relative of eggplants, tomatoes and tobacco. Affinity is very noticeable, because the construction of the stem and inflorescence is very similar. And you knew that not only the berries of this product can be poisonous. Sometimes it can be a potato under the influence of sunlight. This can be easily detected. After all, the crust becomes a characteristic green color, such potatoes do not need to be consumed.
There are many different varieties of potatoes. They are clearly different in shape, taste, size and color. People have also found varieties that tolerate frost, which is very relevant at this time. Therefore, you can not worry about the taste of our extraordinary pies in the winter, they are always at their height. La Bonnott is the most expensive potato in the world. After all, people believe in the truth of the legend of the invention of this fruit. Behind her this variety of potatoes brought out a long time ago the god of the Incas. This potato is extremely soft and can even be harvested by hand. Interestingly, a kilo of such goodness costs about 500 euros.
Few people know that there is a type of potato that grows on a tree. They look like orchids. The tubers just hang from the branches. In the tropics, there is a tree that is more than 15 meters high. This beauty blooms throughout the year. Unfortunately, it does not form potatoes, and berries are not edible. Also. No less interesting is the fact that potatoes consist of 80% water. It is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Potatoes will support your vision, so do not hesitate and visit us at the bakery. Our best Ossetian pies in the capital will not leave you indifferent. After all, we make not only delicious but also useful dishes. We also have delivery throughout Kiev.
Potatoes, in agriculture, have the title of the most important non-grain crop. Few people know, but there is even a potato center in Peru. There, people are working to figure out how many varieties of potatoes in our world are. Scientists have discovered a type of potato in which protein is more than starch, it is considered more useful than beef. Most importantly and most surprisingly, potatoes are the first vegetable to grow in space. So come to our bakery and try Ossetian space pies.