Sport: should everyone be champions?

Sport: should everyone be champions?
Sport is an integral part of our life. It is he who helps people look good, feel better and become more disciplined and organized. In every Ukrainian city there are many stadiums, gyms and swimming pools.
Often, going out early or in the evening on the street you can see people on a run or on sports grounds. A large number of people visit gyms and swimming pools in order to keep their body in good shape. Someone goes to dances, and someone just leads an active lifestyle, so in the lives of these people there are physical activities that help to be in good shape and not gain too much.
In our country, much attention is paid to professional sports. Many different sporting events are held regularly. The school also focuses on sports activities, students not only attend physical education classes, but also have the opportunity to attend sports sections after classes.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are held every four years in different countries. They are winter and summer. For the first time, Ukraine, as a separate team, took part in the Olympic Games in 1994. The Olympic Games came to us from ancient Greece. As we know from history, the first Olympic Games were held about 2700 years ago in the city of Olympia. To conduct these sports, in Greece, even temporarily stopped the war.
The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. During the Olympic Games, competitions in various sports are held.

Sports in the present

The largest sports stadiums in Ukraine are: the Kiev stadium, which can simultaneously accommodate 100,000 spectators, and the Kiev Sports Palace, which seats 12,000 spectators.
In Ukraine, there are many sports schools and specialized sports classes in ordinary schools. They are the thread that unites young Ukrainian athletes.
Also, Ukrainians are very fond of winter sports. Some people like skiing, while others prefer sledding or snowboarding. In Ukraine, cross-country skiing is extremely developed, in the local ski resort "Bukovel" not even one track has been laid, for this lesson.

Football in Ukraine

The most developed in Ukraine among other sports games is football. The first documented match in Ukraine took place in 1894. The first football players were English sailors in Odessa ports. Therefore, we can say with confidence that football began to spread throughout our country precisely from Odessa. In 1991, the Ukrainian Football Federation was established.
The football team consists of 11 major players and 3 or 7 substitutes. Football is played on a special field, its length is 90 - 120 meters, and its width is 45 - 90. One match consists of two halves, each lasting 45 minutes. Between them is a 15-minute break. After him, the teams change sides. After a player has violated the rules, he is given a warning or removed from the game altogether.

Football teams

The most famous and popular football teams are:
• Dynamo - Kiev;
• Arsenal - Kiev;
• Shakhtar Donetsk;
• Vorskla - Poltava;
• Alexandria - Alexandria;
• Desna - Chernihiv.
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