Should responsibilities be shared within the family?

The question of distribution of responsibilities in the family is relevant today. Nowadays, society's views are changing, especially after the post-Soviet period. The role of women at the beginning of human development was, in fact, dominant. Only in the Neolithic period, when the revolution with the transition to the reproductive economy took place (that is, people began to grow food and breed animals that had only been hunted before), did a smooth transition to the patriarchate take place. At the same time, a single family stood out, which also influenced the transition of the dominant role from woman to man. Since that time, the era of patriarchy has begun, and to a certain extent it is still ongoing. But let's think, is it fair to shift all home responsibilities to a woman?

This is a twofold question. If a woman works, it will be fair to distribute household duties, because all people get tired at work. Or, agree in the family that the homeworker will do the less tired. This is a perfectly adequate solution, as equality in relationships contributes to their quality and duration. But if a woman does not work, it will be quite normal that most of the work will be done by her. Because being a housewife is also a job. But it will not be superfluous to help the beloved whenever possible, because it will be nice!

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Of course, in the distribution of responsibilities within the family, one should not forget that historically men are more interested in activities related to earnings and women - related to the upbringing of children, but this is not an axiom, you can agree on rules that will more convenient for you. They can be printed and hung on the refrigerator, for example. It will be nice to help a half cope with her duties if she is too tired today or to surprise her. For example, order dinner at or make an order for Ossetian pie delivery tradition. In general, any rules for building relationships are not universal, because all people are different, you can consult with your half then you are guaranteed to agree on terms that will suit everyone. Best of luck!