Secrets of lemon delight

The history of lemonade, surprisingly, began very early. But of course, like many other interesting questions, the issue of the first appearance of this pleasant drink has both facts and legends. According to legend, lemonade in our roughly classic sense of the term accidentally invented the incomplete Louis the First. The poor man accidentally mixed the barrels and poured the juice of the king instead of wine. Noticing the mistake, the servant hurried to get right and added mineral water to the juice. He risked his life in the truest sense of the word, but fortunately the king liked the drink. The facts say otherwise. According to them, in the 7th century in France, lemonade was made according to a recipe already known to us. Sugar and lemon were added to the mineral water, and the drink was popular with the rich. But in Italy, this drink became more popular, because lemons were more widespread, so lemonade was able to buy less wealthy people.

As time went on, lemonade recipes were being perfected and various types of lemonade were emerging. In Soviet times, the well-known machines for the preparation of lemonade. Did you know that the first prototype of such machines appeared in the 1st century BC in Ancient Egypt? Yes, a mechanism was invented by that time: a bronze coin thrown in as a payment pressed on the lever, thus pouring water. And in Soviet times, machine guns appeared, to some extent, thanks to Joseph Priestley. In the 18th century, he invented a technology for the enrichment of water with carbon dioxide, which made Agroshkin's machines work before. Such machines came to us a hundred years later than in America.

So what's the use of lemonade, and why has it become so popular? In addition to its thirst quenching, lemonade is also a health benefit. Real, natural lemonade can excrete toxins, increase the body's resistance against colds, since the lemon contained in most types of this drink has Vitamin C, which is known for its ability to resist disease. Also, lemonade improves mood, reduces stress that can occur from the heat, which is why lemonade is so fond of, because it is nice to have a cool, refreshing drink in the summer!

But why is such a useful drink now dominated by a negative? The point is that irresponsible manufacturers save on poor quality raw materials and replace natural ingredients with synthetic substances. Because of this, dyes can cause allergies, the drink itself is gastritis, and some lemonades can even reduce the attentiveness of children! We suggest you not to risk and order lemonade in the cake "THREE PIES" on the site We only produce real Ossetian pies, which are delicious and healthy, and we offer you to order real Natakhtari lemonade with different flavors. This lemonade is really natural. Delivery of Ossetian pies "THREE PIES" takes care of our customers, we deliver the order of pies in Kiev for free when ordering from 250 UAH! The best pie in Kiev works only with proven suppliers, so you can rest assured of your health, we will deliver Ossetian pies and lemonade in Kiev quickly, with dust and heat!