Top mini-serials that you do not mind spending your time on

Top mini-serials that you do not mind spending your time on
Weekend. Many are waiting for this time to devote time to themselves, and, of course, rest. According to statistics, watching a movie or TV series is considered the best pastime. Our bakery also supports this opinion. But just looking like that is boring, you need to eat something under it. Chips and croutons are not an option. It's too bad for our body. But homemade food is just right. But of course, this is a day off, you don't want to stand at the stove at all at this time, you can't rest. If you have thought about it, then there is no need to panic ahead of time. Our bakery will come to your aid. Only we make the most delicious homemade Ossetian pies in Kiev. Juicy, tender, aromatic and unusually tasty filling combined with thin ruddy dough will give you wings of delight.
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Watching movies or TV shows during the weekend is a good idea. But in the twenty-first century there are too many of them and I don't want to stumble upon another uninteresting plot with a bunch of episodes and confusing stories of minor characters.
Calmly, our team has selected for you the top mini-serials that you do not mind spending the whole weekend on.
Your Honor
If you have watched Breaking Bad, then you will definitely like this mini-serial. After all, Brian Cranston plays the main role in it.
The series tells the story of a famous New Orleans judge whose son had an accident. He killed a man. Of course, the father asks his son to confess. But then it turns out that the deceased guy was the son of a famous boss of the local mafia. I wonder how the judge will handle this huge problem.

Good morning veronica

The story is told in the first person. Veronica Torres is an ordinary police officer. She has a happy family, a great relationship with her husband and has two children. But everything changed after a strange call. The officer answered the call of the insanely frightened girl and came on call. From that moment it all started. Veronica witnessed a terrible event. What could have influenced her life so much?

I know it's true

Insanely dramatic story of twin brothers. Thomas and Domenic were not lucky to live a quiet life. One of the brothers had severe paranoid schizophrenia. The life of the second went downhill, because he needed to look after the sick.


This is a real biographical story of a criminal. The local police were lucky enough to catch one of the most dangerous killers, who confessed without any problems. Now investigators are finding out the details and reasons for such cruelty.