Top foods that will spoil your holiday if mixed with alcohol

Top foods that will spoil your holiday if mixed with alcohol
What a holiday without alcoholic drinks and generously set tables with your favorite food? The Ukrainian people very rarely follow the correct combination of these two things. As a result, they often suffer from digestive disorders. After all, many products simply cannot be combined with alcoholic beverages. Our team consulted with experts and decided to tell all the subtleties of this case, for your own health.
Cake and champagne are the perfect combination of flavors for many of the fair sex. But the tandem of sweets and alcoholic beverages does not have the best effect on liver function. Initially, it processes sugar, and then alcohol. As a result, twice as much ethanol enters the bloodstream and thus greatly aggravates intoxication. And in the morning you will have a big surprise - a painful hangover.
Therefore, if you want this perfect combination, then choose sweet natural products, for example, berries or fruits. There are only healthy products in the fillings of our famous sweet Ossetian pies. Juicy, hearty and unusually tasty filling will not only save you from a possible hangover, but also give the body strength, energy and vitamins. We also recommend that you pay attention to the popular combination of champagne with our Ossetian cheese pies. You can pick up the order yourself, or you can use the delivery service. Ossetian pies are delivered anywhere in Kiev.
Very fatty meat
Shashlik, shashlik, various types of fatty, tasty meat are obligatory attributes of any holiday, that's just not the best combination with alcohol. With such experiments, you are very heavily burdening your liver. She needs to work harder to break down the alcohol you have drunk, so you also throw in fatty fried meat. And as a result, in the morning you will feel bad, and this rest will have a good effect on your later life. After all, if you combine fat and alcohol, the body will be used up twice as fast.
According to statistics, a large number of people like to combine coffee and alcoholic drinks. But this is prohibited by all rules of drinking alcohol. You can not drink coffee after drinking alcoholic beverages. After all, your blood pressure is already high, thanks to alcohol. Also, using coffee as a hangover control is a bad decision.
Lard is a popular vodka snack in Ukraine. But few people know that combining these two foods is the same as eating fat with alcohol. Your liver cannot cope with such work, then it affects your condition. Eating lard with vodka is a huge burden for the liver. In addition, this choice of snacks contributes to obesity.
Pickled vegetables
Just like lard, pickled vegetables are one of the popular snack choices for alcohol. But your gastrointestinal tract suffers from this combination. Doctors advise replacing these foods with fresh vegetables.