Universal plant - poppy

Universal plant - poppy

This plant is often called the flower of the angel and the demon, it can bring as much benefit to the human body, and harm him, some people plant this flower for decorative purposes, while others are absolutely opposed to it growing in the backyard. The name of this poppy flower. And today we will try to understand why it is so many contradictions.

Benefit and harm

Although poppy is often regarded as a narcotic, it can be actively exterminated by law enforcement in fields and gardens. However, if used properly and in the right amount, this plant will only benefit your health.

First of all, the pastry poppy is often a great filling for cakes, cupcakes and pies. It provides our body with nutrients and has an original taste, especially when combined with other fruits. You can buy a sweet poppy seed cake with cherry at our bakery and see for yourself. Such a tandem perfectly complement each other, because the cherry acidity perfectly emphasizes the taste of black grains.

Poppy is actually a unique plant, because it has remarkable healing properties. With its help cure cough, colds, kidney disease, it also has an analgesic system and acts on the central nervous system. But it is because of this influence that he is so dangerous because it is addictive. Therefore, preparations containing codeine (extract from the plant) are prescribed only under the supervision of a doctor.
Poppy perfectly strengthens the immune system and enhances its protective response.
Potassium, which is part of poppy seeds, is designed to lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots.
Poppy use is also an excellent prevention of diabetes. People who are prone to the disease should include poppy seeds in their daily diet.
It is known that calcium deficiency can cause problems with the musculoskeletal system, especially in the elderly, and poppy seeds are one of the great sources of calcium, so you can safely use it as a filling or seasoning.
Poppy also combats digestive disorders and relieves abdominal pain.
Moderate use of a poppy food has a positive effect on the emotional state of the person, because it has soothing properties and reduces stress.
Poppy seed oil has also been used in cosmetology. It actively combats aging of the skin, perfectly moisturizes it and smoothes out wrinkles. Also, by using poppy oil masks, you can turn the shine back with dull hair and give it a silky appearance.
As you can see, poppy, when properly used, has only a positive effect on the body and body. But in addition to its healing properties, it has unique taste qualities and the Three Pies bakery proves it perfectly by baking delicious poppy-flavored pies. Try its original taste and experience the full benefits of this product. In addition, sweet poppy seed cake will be the decoration of any feast. And if you are also an anniver, you will be pleased to receive our discounts for birthday parties on sweet or salty Ossetian pies.