What`s the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch?

What`s the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch?
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What is the difference?

For these three drinks, completely different raw materials are used. Since bourbon was made from plain corn, it has long been considered a drink for poor people. They also differ significantly in the method of preparation and shelf life. For example, the ingredients for making bourbon are initially ground and soaked for a long time. Only then is everything ready for cooking. And it is allowed to store this drink only in new oak barrels.
Whiskey is prepared with barley, wheat and rye. These ingredients do not need to be soaked. They are germinated, dried and husked. Whiskey must be filtered. This drink even differs in storage. It needs to be placed in old oak barrels. They are used after cognac and bourbon.
Now we only have to deal with the scotch tape. And here it is very interesting and insanely simple. Attention, scotch is the same whiskey, only it is made in Scotland. Here are all the differences.