Evening parties are the favorite entertainment of Ukrainian youth

Evening parties are the favorite entertainment of Ukrainian youth
Every year, Ukrainians celebrate a wonderful holiday - the Apostle Andrew. Evening parties are considered a favorite holiday of Ukrainian youth. They are awaited with special impatience. And this is quite logical. On St. Andrew’s night, the guys are allowed to mess out and do various insidious things. And the girls on this night can tell fortunes and find out what awaits them.

Our grandmothers recall how they celebrated this holiday before:
"The feast of St. Andrew, I remember well. The girls were looking forward to this day, because they could ask about the fate of St. Andrew. Usually, on December 12 in the evening, they gathered in the same house to celebrate the holiday. They had fun, joked, shared different life stories, played different games, and wondered at night ...
As it began to get dark, the girls brought to the house, where they had to guess who had what: cottage cheese, pancakes, kutya, fruit. The guys carried sweets and wine. They made dumplings together and cooked dried fruit compote.
As it got dark, an interesting action began. Who talked, who helped set the table. One could hear many interesting stories shared by older people. Be sure to wait until twelve in the morning to divine. An interesting fact is that they only guessed on that day, because they believed that St. Andrew knows everything ... "

How girls wondered

The most popular way of divination at that time was:
Everyone went out into the courtyard, a girl who wanted to know, fate closed her eyes, and threw her boot. Her friends went to see how the boot fell. It was believed that in which direction the boot fell down, on the other side the groom should wait.

They also wondered like this:
The girls went out into the yard, and the stakes in the fence became counted. It was considered unusual, and so: "Well done, old man, well done, old man, well done, old man ...". The last count must be inspected. If the peg was thin and even, the girl’s boyfriend will be young and beautiful. If it’s crooked and rude, then the guy will be like that. And when the stake is with thick bark, the groom will be rich and with a magnificent beard. This fortune-telling was considered cheerful. It is difficult to say whether the girls believed in it or not, but each wanted to have a slender, young and beautiful, narrowed one.
In past centuries, girls have guessed differently. There were so many divination methods that it is difficult to list them and most are not known to us. Since ancient times, the feast of Andrew is closely associated with various rituals, fortunetelling and rituals. However, we only know their small particle.
St. Andrew's Eve party has always been a special holiday. Young people had time to have fun, try different goodies, play pranks and fortune-telling. Whatever the guys did this evening, they all were forgiven, because there is a belief among the people: “For Andrei, every guy is" naughty "" ....
What they didn’t come up with to annoy the girls: either they remove the gates or put stuffed animals. Repeatedly mischievous glass in the windows sketched, or something laid. From this it was dark in the house, and everyone was asleep before dinner ...
St. Andrew's Eve - this is a really interesting, bright, Ukrainian holiday. With this holiday, everyone always equated only smiles, jokes, fun and bachelor pranks (which were allowed only on this day).
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