About the dangers of drugs

Drugs are substances that can affect the activity of the body and human consciousness. Systematic drug use leads to physical and mental dependence. For example, heroin can be addictive after the first dose.
Smoke weed at a party seems like an innocent adventure ... It doesn’t harm your health at all and you can catch haha. However, there is harm: poison can accumulate in the human body unnoticed, affects memory, slows down the body’s reactions, mental development, and suppresses the psyche.
Most drug addicts start with "light" drugs. After getting used to it, the “light” poison no longer gives a buzz. We have to switch to more serious drugs - cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, crack and others.
Cocaine - a white powder, is an extract from a plant called coca. Hence the name of this narcotic substance.
Heroin (white or brown powder) is a drug of natural origin. It is made from poppy seeds.
Amphetamine - a synthetic substance, is an analogue of natural adrenaline and norepinephrine.
Crack is a mixture of cocaine and various chemicals.

The effect of drugs on the human body

How do narcotic substances affect the human body? First of all, the activity of the heart and the central nervous system is seriously disrupted, the respiratory tract is damaged, various mental disorders and deviations appear. All types of drugs cause strong physical and mental dependence. If the addict does not receive the right dose on time, "breaking" begins. The body is "planted" on the drug, painfully reacts to its absence: vomiting, diarrhea begins, and the person is in fever. Mental dependence is no less terrible: a "tunnel" vision is developing, people are no longer interested in life. In the end, there may come a moment when the "saving" dose becomes too large .... The mortality rate of addicts is quite high.
People who are in such trouble need professional medical and psychological help. The rehabilitation course can last for years. The results depend on the person himself, on his desire to return to a normal, happy life.
If you know that one of your friends or pals is addicted to drugs, be sure to let his family know about it. Believe me, this is not squealing, it is a matter of life and death! The sooner you start treatment, the greater the chance of a quick and complete recovery.

Why do teens start taking drugs?

Often teenagers become drug addicted. There are too many reasons for this. Salt the "ancestors". Get an unusual experience. To feel yourself confident. Get away from difficult life situations. Just relax or recharge your batteries. However, none of the motives has excuses. You have to pay for everything, and not just your own health.
Addiction is a social disease. What does it mean? A drug addict loses any “healthy” relationship with the outside world. Family, love, friends, study, work - everything loses value. Dependents are led by a single desire: they would rather get a new dose. Often people’s actions are illegal. Often among drug addicts there are people who are ready to put at stake for the sake of "high" not only their lives, but also the lives of others.
Drugs "block the oxygen" of life itself. Catch the buzz from every sunrise and sunset, from happy moments, and unforgettable impressions, from communication, from the opportunity to be close to your loved ones and friends, from the chance to "savor" life in all its great manifestations and small things!

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