Baking in baby food

Baking in baby food
The child's body is different from the adult. Since children use much more energy, they need to get more calories to replenish their energy. It is desirable that the baby receives these calories from quality and fresh foods.
There are several principles of proper nutrition:
- first, it's a balance. The child should be fed daily to receive the necessary nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements.
- Secondly, follow the diet. The habit of eating at the same time not only disciplines the body, but also improves digestion. Ideally, the child should have 5 meals, of which three - the main and two snacks. You should make sure that the snack does not consist of sweets or other not very useful food. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages.
- thirdly, it is also important that the menu of the child is varied, which would include all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the whole body. Dairy products, cereals, fruits and vegetables should be in the diet every day; fish - 1 or 2 times a week; cheese and white meat - 2-3 times a week; legumes are a unique product that contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements, so they should also be eaten at least once a week.
- fourth, it is not recommended to skip breakfast. In general, this meal is the most important during the day, it consumes us with energy and puts into operation the whole body.

So how about baking?

In general, food is always responsible, because we are what we eat, so we need to lay the foundations for healthy eating since childhood. If everything is clear with the aforementioned products, for example, such foods as baking for moms often raise questions. Basically they are concerned about what and at what age can the bakery products of the child.
Although bread is considered to be a very high calorie product, in addition to kilojoules it also contains many nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Therefore, do not neglect such products, and from the age of seven months you can introduce the baby to its first dry growl, but be careful, do it under the supervision of an adult. Portion of bread in this month should be 3-4 grams and gradually increase.
It is best to give fresh cookies, drying and bread to children after reaching the age of one. Such products should consume 60-80 grams in a child's daily diet.
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