Funny and interesting facts about food

Funny and interesting facts about food
Today we invite you to relax and learn a lot about food. Some facts will impress you, and some will even amuse you. So let's wonder together.

Did you know that? ...

Apples cannot be drowned in water because they are 25 percent airborne. This is probably why they are so useful for weight loss.
Conventional peanuts are one of the components of dynamite.
Alcohol contains 13 minerals that are necessary for the body to function. A kind of double drink.
4 million flowers need to fly around a little bee to collect a kilo of honey. No wonder people say: "hard working as a bee".
Tomato sauce, to put it simply, ketchup was used as a medicine in the late 19th century, but later proved ineffective. It's a shame, of course, because it would be good medicine, especially in combination with point three).
Did you know that almonds are not nuts at all, but a bone of fruit that, by the way, looks like our apricot?
There is a product in the world that can be stored forever - it's honey, and this is evidenced by archaeological excavations conducted in Egyptian tombs.
The shellac is edible! Yes, yes, what women's nails cover is actually an edible product produced by female insects living in the tropics. It is often used as a coating for candy so that they shine.
Once the turnips were sown from the mouth. This greatly accelerated the process, because the seeds of this crop are very small. There was even such a profession as a "spit". This is how my grandfather planted that ill-fated rapeseed.
Celery is a low-calorie vegetable. The body consumes more calories to digest this product than it receives from its consumption.
At first the potatoes were not eaten, but the leaves and the stem were eaten, fried in oil. Of course, the taste of this dish was awful and fortunately guessed that it would be cooked. Although at first it was dessert. Noble ladies also used potato flowers to decorate their hair.
In the 17th century, people believed that cucumber was poisonous and that it was capable of causing colds. This is probably because this vegetable has a cooling effect.
And you knew that even when you just think about your favorite foods or foods, your body produces a hormone of pleasure.
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