Meaning of symbols and signs

Meaning of symbols and signs
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Yes, delivery is very good, besides, we have it very fast and high quality. But also very often and even more often people use various symbols and signs. Have you ever wondered, for example, why the heart means love, and the arrow shows where to go? Interested? Then read on and learn more.


How did people know where to go before the arrow sign existed? For example, instead of such a sign there was a footprint or an index finger. Initially, arrows were used only in maps. They indicated the direction of the river. And the drawing became abstract only in the 20th century.

A heart

Why is the drawing of a heart not like it in reality? And why this organ is responsible for love, and not the brain, as an example. Of course, everything can be put on the shoulders of not perfect ancient artists, they say, they did not draw correctly. Such a pattern can be found even in the work of the Cro-Magnons. Scientists believe that this symbol then did not mean any love affairs, it did not have such an interpretation as it does now. Thus, they depicted the fruit of the sylphium plant.
This plant in the ancient Greeks was like a contraceptive. Therefore, it could often be seen even on coins. But there is a second version of the appearance of such a symbol as a heart. It's just an ivy leaf - a symbol of Dionysus.

Radiation sign

The sign was invented in a nuclear physics laboratory. The circle in the center of the sign meant an atom, and three rays: alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Few people know, but originally the sign was crimson, and the background was blue. But then the colors were replaced as part of standardization.