Online dating

Online dating
The Internet makes our life very much easier. After all, we can effortlessly pay utility bills while sitting at home, buy clothes for ourselves, order tickets, order groceries and even buy ready-made food. Thanks to the Internet, you can visit our website and order the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev. This can be especially helpful when guests come unexpectedly and the refrigerator is empty. Our team will very quickly prepare your chosen Ossetian pies, and couriers will deliver everything to your home with high quality and on time. We have a large selection of fillings, there is where to accelerate. As they say, for every taste and color.
The internet is also a dating site. Therefore, we decided to give a few curious and interesting facts about dating on this popular web.

Facts You Didn't Know

1. Alas, when meeting in various social networks or groups, people periodically lie. Thanks to research, we found out that basically a lie is based on such criteria: age, height and kilograms.
2. The biggest fear of such acquaintances is maniacs and murderers. According to statistics, 1 page out of ten belongs to a fictitious user. They are often scammers.
3. Most people who communicate on the Internet do not see each other, and do not even show a desire to meet in real life. That is why the number of couples that start a relationship thanks to various dating sites does not increase.
4. Scientists have conducted studies, the results of which may surprise you a little. Men who are looking for dating very often look at all the information about the opposite sex. Where did I study, what I wrote about myself. But in the photo, women most often pay attention.
5. According to statistics, girls choose the page of the guy for dating who mentions the words love, heart and romance in his description. So guys, take a note.
6. You should also pay great attention to the literacy of the presentation of information. After all, if there are any even minor errors, for example, commas, then only thirty percent will pay attention to your profile. The same tactic applies to private messages. Keep track of how you communicate. Correctly made sentences, more polite words will increase your attractiveness rating.
7. Some people believe that dating sites are made specifically for the forty plus category. For those who somehow did not manage to find love in their life. But in fact, the age group is from 18 to 35 years old. Approximately forty percent of them were already married and have children.
8. For the statistics, every second citizen of Ukraine has visited dating sites at least once. Basically, they say that they did this not to seek love, but purely to satisfy their interest.