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Each person, once having tasted food in his favorite restaurant or cafe, becomes a regular customer. Which plays a significant role in the development and attraction of customers to this institution.

Bakery "Three Pies" offers its customers to try a great offer. Namely, a menu consisting of three types of delicious Ossetian pies. And as a bonus to the order, you get 1 liter of sea buckthorn.

Pie with chicken fillet, suluguni cheese and herbs

An ideal choice for lovers of tender chicken meat. The cake was created by the cook’s magic hands from yeast dough without adding eggs,
impeccable suluguni cheese and a gorgeous set of greens - parsley, dill, green onions, oregano. All this in a complex makes it possible to appreciate all the tenderness and taste of this cake.

Pie with potatoes, mushrooms and greens

As the saying goes, "nothing more." And here the real fans of simple and delicious food will remain under the pleasant impression of this cake. A great choice for those who do not eat meat.

Pie with veal, herbs and jalapeno peppers

But this is the choice of a real gourmet and lovers of tasty and satisfying food. Traditional Ossetian pie with tender veal meat in combination with onions, garlic and a set of greens. Jalapeno peppers play a sharp note, which is revealed when consumed from “warm” to “hot”. Everyone who tastes this masterpiece will be imbued with Ossetian cuisine forever.

Sea buckthorn fruit

It is recommended to drink all consumed food. Sea buckthorn fruit offered by the Three Pies bakery is not just a drink - it is a storehouse of vitamins and useful elements for strengthening immunity.

Having made an order for this menu, you get an excellent combination of three types of cake and a healthy drink. Delivery is carried out throughout Kiev.
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Получается очень выгодно! Морс и пироги бесподобны
#Минимальная оценка 5/ #Оценка пользователя 5звезд. /#Максимальная оценка
Вкусный набор!
#Минимальная оценка 5/ #Оценка пользователя 5звезд. /#Максимальная оценка
Забрала заказ самовывозом с пекарни на Лукьяновке. Приготовили за 15 минут после заказа. Пироги довезла немного остывшими, так как ехала на дачу. Разогрели в дровяной печи и все супер вкусно.
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