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Zachton sauce with pepper leaves

Zachton sauce with pepper leaves

Zachton sauce with pepper leaves is an Ossetian sauce, which is usually prepared on the basis of fermented milk products with the addition of fresh herbs, red pepper leaves
  • The leaves of red pepper
  • Sour cream
  • Garlic
  • Dill
Spicy Ranch sauce will appeal to all lovers of authentic Caucasian cuisine. Ossetian pies, thanks to this sauce, acquire a more pronounced taste. The filling becomes juicier, and the baking itself is more satisfying.
Advantages of Spicy Ranch Sauce can be in the company of colleagues, if you order delivery of Ossetian pies to dinner at the office. The combo menu of the Ossetian bakery Three Pies allows you to choose the most suitable option for any company and, at the same time, save significantly. After all, this offer stands out with generous discounts.
To prepare the Hot Ranch Sauce, the bakery chef uses exclusively fresh natural ingredients:
  • Sour cream, with a delicate creamy taste and giving a little sourness;
  • Garlic, saturating the sauce with a bright aroma and taste;
  • Dill, which gives the zachton a special freshness;
  • Hot pepper leaves that harmoniously complement the taste composition due to the sharpness and special, very pleasant aftertaste.
It is best to drink Ossetian pies with Spicy Ranch Sauce with berry fruit drinks that are widely represented in the drinks category. They allow you to fully enjoy a hearty tasty dinner and stock up on energy for the whole day!
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