Are you weak? A little bit about records

Are you weak? A little bit about records
Everyone has a purpose that he or she sometimes pursues throughout life. For some it is their own home, for others it is a round the world trip, and for the people we will talk about today it is records. There are people for whom to set or beat someone's priority over the years. They set records mainly in sports, but there are many other areas where you can show your talent. Some desperate people are even capable of non-standard, sometimes rather strange acts, to be glorified. For example, an Australian circus artist allowed himself to paint his body with a tattoo, which was then included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest tattoo in the world. Darren Taylor of the USA dived into the low water from a 10-meter height. Another desperate American jumped nearly four hundred miles on Pogo's stick, and Brian Berg, who builds layouts of locks, furniture, and playing cards, built a tower over 25 pounds, breaking his own record.

Achievements in sports

Particular attention is paid to sports achievements that have failed to beat anyone in the world. These records were set many years ago, but still occupy a leading position. No one has yet been able to throw the projectile further than Yuriy Sedykh, who sent it 86 meters at one of the track and field championships. Among the women in this category is also the record holder - this is Gabriela Rainey, who was able to launch a projectile at 76, 8 meters. Did you know that the fastest goal was scored just four seconds after the match started? This was done by a player at the club Bradford City in 1964. And so far, no one has been able to break this unique record. After a fight in 1986, Mike Tyson, without suspecting himself, became the world's youngest heavyweight champion. At that time, he was only 20 years and 4 months old. Stefka Kostadinova made the highest jump in height at 2.09 meters.
Undoubtedly, such sporting achievements require a person of full dedication, constant training and extraordinary persistence, which the athletes of their time have shown.
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