How good is meat? Types of meat

How good is meat? Types of meat
Meat is a great product that contains B vitamins, iron and plenty of protein. It is already a habit for Ukrainians to consume this product every day. Fried ribs, pancakes, potatoes, vegetables with meat, baked chicken or duck, barbecue .... This list can be continued forever. But is meat really good for our body?

White and red

Yes, not only wine but also meat can be white and red. The first variety includes poultry (except duck) and rabbit, and the second includes pork, beef and lamb. Fish fillets and seafood are also attributed to white meat. Nutritionists recommend eating the most white meat since it contains almost no cholesterol and even helps with weight loss. On the contrary, red is more oily and does not have a very positive effect on the heart, although it is not necessary to exclude the beneficial properties of veal, which can be given even to children.
Also important is the method of cooking any type of meat. If you roast chicken in plenty of fat, it is unlikely to be beneficial to your body. But baked lean pork can, on the contrary, bring not only taste pleasure but also benefit.
But remember, whatever meat you choose to eat, everything should be modest. The daily rate of these products is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. That is, if you weigh 70 kg, you can only eat a portion of meat at 70 grams per day.
As we have noted, meat contains many nutrients, but the leaders in the amount of vitamins and minerals are turkey and rabbit, which contains the highest amount of phosphorus.
Also, depending on certain health problems, it is recommended to eat one or another type of meat. For example:
- Pork reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves potency.
- Beef is very beneficial for the blood because it reduces the risk of anemia and increases testosterone.
- Horse improves digestion.
- Lamb lowers the risk of diabetes saturates the body with iron.
- Veal helps build muscle, lowers blood pressure and improves blood clotting.
- Chicken improves blood circulation and enhances the body's protective abilities.
- Rabbit excretion of toxins has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes pressure.

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