What can you do with lemon zest?

What can you do with lemon zest?
Many have a lemon in the refrigerator, which, alas, has already lost its flavor properties over time. But don't rush to throw it away. In fact, lemon zest is quite a versatile thing. From it you can not only make marmalade, but also bring the entire kitchen in perfect order. This ingredient seems to have super unlimited possibilities. Lemon zest is often added to dough, cream, cottage cheese, meringue.
Before talking about the rules for storing this fruit, it is worth remembering that the lemon itself contains a huge amount of vitamin C and, of course, antioxidants. An important point, if you are using lemon zest, then try to cut it very carefully, without touching the white bitter part.
How to store lemon zest properly?
There are only two correct and definitely reliable storage methods: drying and freezing.
To do this, you just need to cut the zest and spread it out on paper. You can put the paper on the windowsill. If it is summer, then only 2 to 4 days are enough for drying. You can also speed up this process a lot. Place the lemon zest in the oven. It will take 20-30 minutes to dry. The main thing is to spread the zest with a cut down. Dried lemon peel will add a personal touch to any dish.
Often, recipes only need a little zest, and the rest of the wealth has to be thrown away. But why, if you can freeze everything well and use it over time. The zest can be put into ice cube trays and covered with vegetable oil. Can also be frozen in a bag.
How can you use lemon peel?
You can make delicious and inexpensive marmalade. To do this, you need only 4 oranges, about 700 grams of sugar, a little more, 2 liters of water and 4 lemons. Peel off the citrus peels carefully so as not to catch the white bitter layer and cut everything into strips. Squeeze the juice from the orange and lemon, and cover everything with water, adding the crushed peel. You do not need to throw away the pulp. Wrap it in cheesecloth and dip it in liquid. Put everything in the refrigerator for a day. Later, put everything on fire and cook until the rind is colorless. Now you can remove the bag and add sugar. Cook until the marmalade thickens.
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Zest for the kitchen
Few people know, but lemon zest can clean kitchen surfaces and even windows. To do this, you need to mix vinegar and lemon zest and leave everything for 2 weeks. Take the liquid later and pour it into a spray bottle. Add water and mix everything thoroughly. You now have a completely natural remedy.