What is friendship?

What is friendship?
The concept of “friendship” is very relative, and “female friendship” generally raises most doubts. What is friendship in general, whom to call friends, and how to make friends in general. Everyone interprets this concept in their own way. For most people, this is a whole complex of components, a complex of those things that unite us. Very different things can unite us: a common goal, interests, one place of work or study. But in any case, one thing does not bind us. You do not call all people at work friends. Someone from this list is just colleagues. So where is the line between these concepts.

Friend or acquaintance. If you are sitting in the same room with a person, go to dinner together, sometimes you meet somewhere in a cafe, does all this give the right to call this person a friend. Probably not. So who in the end can still be called a friend. How much time passes from the moment of acquaintance to friendship. At such moments, you envy the children. They are friends with everyone from the first minute of meeting. Neither status nor views on life matter to them. No matter what he is dressed and how much the machine with which he plays in the sandbox costs. And the older you get, the more scrupulous you feel about such a concept as friendship.
Friendship, alas, is not eternal. Have you ever thought about how many people you suddenly stopped communicating with. But they were friends and, perhaps, very close. It used to seem to you that nothing could separate you. But time passes and people dissolve in the past, no matter how sad it sounds. Why it happens? Each of us goes our own way, each of us has his own life. And if it so happens that there is no friend nearby, then he simply has a different path. So you have ceased to bind the common that previously connected.

But friendship needs to be protected and appreciated. How many friends we lost in a fit of anger, said insulting words to them and dispersed. But you need to appreciate what connects you. Friend, the person you trust the most. It often happens that you trust a friend longer than a family. We trust the most valuable and important. And you are sure that this person will not tell your secret, will not betray. Of course, there are exceptions, but that's another story. You trust the friend as yourself, and he reciprocates. You have an invisible connection and it is already becoming difficult in its absence. You can cry in his vest, call in the middle of the night and talk about something. And be sure, if this person is a true friend, then he will never refuse you this, he will always listen and help.

Where can you find such important people for our lives? And where it is convenient. At what often people become friends that you did not perceive at the first meeting. You can meet in kindergarten and go with this person all his life. Or you can just be together in one store and understand that this is the same native person. Just take care of your friends, take care of their secrets. Do not let anyone interfere with your friendship. No one except the pies.
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