Vitamin C is still needed

  We hear about Vitamin C every day, its importance and need. This vitamin is with us for the entire period of humanity. Let's think if he is so important? The need for the invention of vitamin C in the 1930s was enormous. Hundreds of sailors were suffering from the extremely dangerous scurvy that was destroying their body while traveling. That is why in 1932, scientist Charles Glen King singled out this substance. Further, there was a study of the need for vitamin C as a prevention of colds, which were subsequently scientifically confirmed. Vitamin C is found in large quantities in grapefruit, beets, lemons, raspberries, kiwi, oranges, elderberries and liver. Extremely high content of this vitamin in horseradish, which should be rubbed with vinegar, because the acid retains vitamin C. For the same reason, sauerkraut retains vitamin C.
Now, it is still important to consume this vitamin. Official medicine recommends taking about 100 mg a day, but one Nobel laureate used 18,000 mg a day and lived to 93! But don't rush to use it so much! In sensitive people, this can lead to kidney stones, and in ordinary people, it is almost certainly a stomach upset. However, elderly people and smokers have a particular need for vitamin C because one cigarette destroys 25 mg of this vitamin. Of course, it is vital for everyone. It is especially worth using it after the illness, it will help the body to recover, and the use of vitamin C when you feel that you are about to fall ill, gives a certain guarantee that the disease will not be able to get hold of you, or it will pass very quickly and easily. If you are concerned about your own health, ask your doctor whether you should take vitamins. We do not recommend self-medication and taking vitamins and supplements without a doctor's appointment, which can be harmful.
Unfortunately, Vitamin C is easily destroyed by light and air, so we advise you not to soak the vegetables and fruits in water and keep them in the refrigerator for more than 2-3 days. Unfortunately, this vitamin is not synthesized in humans, so it should be monitored and taken in a timely manner as a supplement or with the products containing it. By the way, there is a huge content of vitamin C in wild rose.
What exactly in the body is affected by the presence of vitamin C? It acts as an antioxidant, synthesizes collagen, modulates immunity, that is, increases its ability to fight viruses. Vitamin C promotes the decomposition and excretion of cholesterol, helps absorb iron. It also protects many vitamins and the body in general from oxidation, not without reason it is known in the field of beauty as a substance that prevents aging. Its lack in the body leads to a slowing of wound healing, increased irritability, depression, weakness, decreased immunity and other symptoms that resemble scurvy. That is why it is so important to use it on time and regularly. To do this, we suggest ordering delivery from, because we have a lot of real Ossetian pies, for example, with apples or strawberries, which contain vitamin C. By the way, it almost does not break down when frozen, if after defrosting eat food immediately. Ossetian pies from the "THREE PIES" pie contain vitamin C in almost everyone, because our ingredients are extremely useful and always fresh! By the way, Vitamin C is also found in our juices, fruit drinks and lemons. Order delivery from the pie "THREE PIES" and your body will receive all the necessary dose of vitamin C!