Food delivery in Kiev VS Ukrainian cuisine in schools

Food delivery in Kiev VS Ukrainian cuisine in schools
What do our children eat at school? Under the law, primary school students are entitled to breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea at the state’s expense. Yes, far from all parents trust the feeding of their priceless children to school cooks, and for good reason - for too long, the school cafeteria has been almost a nightmare for students. Children are already quite picky in terms of food, and when it looks slurred and tastes nothing outstanding, the funds allocated for the nutrition of schoolchildren can be immediately redirected to a more needy channel. Few people remember school lunches with joy. Rather, it was just another reason to freak out, play around and spend time a little more interesting than in the lesson. Food delivery (Kiev) to schools is not controlled tightly enough, and, to put it mildly, “saving” on baby food has long been commonplace. Pupils of middle and senior classes prefer to buy snacks at the nearest supermarket, damaging at least their own health, in addition to the parent's wallet, because now you need to pay not only for ignored school lunches, which are no longer provided for the state by the state, but also to give pocket money used for the above snacks in the form of chips, nuts, croissants and so on. The norms of caloric intake, the amount of fats, protein and carbohydrates necessary for growing organisms, are changing, but not a single norm can provide hot and tasty lunches in school canteens. If ordering food on an individual menu was available in schools, then perhaps many would use this service. Even within the range of several positions, choosing the most delicious one would significantly increase the quality of school meals, because where there is supply and demand, there is competition, which, in turn, provokes suppliers and cooks to invent the best dishes. But so far, school canteens do not contain the realities of an honest market with all its advantages.

Is it possible to change the school feeding system

The fact that this is necessary is unambiguous, because the recipe has practically not changed since the 60s of the last century. Small changes were made twice - in the 80s and 90s, but these were just adjustments that did not change the essence of what was happening in school canteens. But seriously, in fact, only one young culinary specialist took up this business, in 2017 he won a grant to change school meals. According to him, even without changing the list of regularly purchased products, one can significantly improve the organoleptic properties of the dishes offered in the menu. It all depends on the cooking method. But so far there is only one enthusiast, and there are many schools in Ukraine, so in anticipation of a change for the better, you can order lunch delivery in Kiev for your student directly on this site. The menu and recipe for school canteens was created in the post-war period, so you can understand its compilers - nutrition first of all, and you can take care of the taste later. At the moment, as many as 60 recipes are already ready, which are fully approved by the country's leadership, and nutritionists, and direct tasters - children - but so far it is not known whether all schools will switch to new dishes.

What really can change in school meals

Fortunately, the problems of Kiev schools are currently being dealt with quite actively, and in addition to other innovations, the nutrition sector will also change for the better. If before poisoning in school canteens did not surprise anyone, now they will monitor the quality of products more carefully. Well, if the palatability of food also improves, then we will not hear about the school administration’s attempts to feed the children almost by force, so as not to spoil reporting and explain why half of the school rubbish is intact portions from the school cafeteria. In any case, while these issues are being resolved, you can always take advantage of the fast food delivery in Kiev.