Wood-burning stoves are the key to the true taste of pies

Wood-burning stoves are the key to the true taste of pies
We often mention the fact that we bake Ossetian pies in a real wood-burning stove. But why use such an ancient way of cooking, if now there are ovens, and bread machines and slow cookers? Let’s try to understand the principle of operation of a wood-burning stove and either make sure that our bakers are not just too fundamentally traditional, or refute the fact that the cake from the stove really differs in some way from its counterpart made using modern technologies.

The beauty of our time is that we can take from the history of mankind only that we can come in handy to get some special pleasure. For example, we do not need to wear wide-brimmed hats to avoid the ingress of sewage discharged from the windows - we wear them for beauty. The windows in our houses are no longer the only and necessary source of light and fresh air, and for baking bread we do not need anything at all - we buy it in the store, and various devices abundantly offered by home appliance stores are needed only by those who are really fond of cooking. In the end, if you wanted something special, you can just order pies with delivery.

Do not look for Ossetian pies without a wood stove

Returning to the wood-burning stove, we mention that initially a house was built around the stove in the most literal sense of the word. A good stove took care of the most important needs of the family. Sleeping warmly, drying clothes, heating water and cooking — all this was provided precisely by a stove made of stone and clay and fed by pre-prepared firewood. Today, people mainly use electricity or gas for heating, it is only necessary to heat water during regular preventive maintenance in the absence of a boiler, but delivering food to your home in Kiev allows you not to bother with cooking at all. Nevertheless, in modern houses you can also find decorative fireplaces and even real stoves, but this is more a matter of aesthetics than necessity. Well, real wood stoves that are used for cooking are now used in some restaurants, and in our network of bakeries.

Why are oven pies so delicious

The fact is that, firstly, the furnace itself is made exclusively from natural materials, respectively, no influence of synthetic plastics and the like. Secondly, correctly selected firewood also gives its part to the dish. The furnace is designed in such a way that the heat supply comes not only from the fire itself, but also from heated stones that distribute heat throughout the entire space inside the furnace. Proper draft in the design not only removes absolutely all unnecessary combustion products, but also removes excess moisture.
The temperature in the oven can be controlled by adding or removing logs, and you can also move the dish in the oven itself, reducing or increasing the effect of heat. Before cooking, the oven is melted to a maximum temperature so that during cooking the oven evenly gives off the heat to the dish. In a good oven, the temperature can reach 450 degrees Celsius, and with this level of heat, various simple dishes like pizza can be cooked in literally minutes and a half, if everything is done correctly. In the oven, you can pre-fry pieces of meat or casserole to achieve a golden crust on top, while maintaining the juiciness of the product inside.
The lower the temperature drops for cooking, the more airy and juicy it turns out. For example, bread is baked at temperatures up to 200 degrees, forming a crust in the first minutes and gaining tenderness and splendor already in the process of cooling the oven.

Order Ossetian pies in our pie and try the pie from a real wood-burning stove!