Food and Cinema: When One Art Borders Another

Food and Cinema: When One Art Borders Another
Food is so important, familiar, everyday, but at the same time a multifaceted part of human life that you can not do without it anywhere, including in art. In drawing lessons, we draw apples, learning to convey volume, light and shadow on paper. Still lifes adorn the walls of our houses, and images of gods in the paintings of great artists are often accompanied by gifts of nature. One of the most famous biblical stories about Cain and Abel - and that is directly tied around the offering of food. In literature and cinema, food is also never forgotten. The heroes of the stories have a bite on the go, showing the rush to the viewer, have dinner in expensive restaurants, highlighting the beauty of a rich life and spend time in the kitchen, thus representing family life. But food in the cinema can not only draw individual nuances, but also be the central theme around which the plot as a whole revolves. Haute cuisine shows us heroes who set themselves seemingly impossible goals, and ultimately achieve them - this path can be traced both in the stories of real chefs and in fiction. Separate collections of films about food can show us the secrets of culinary art from the inside out, or I can show selfless dedication to my beloved work, which can inspire any person to exploits in any area of ​​life. Be sure to order food with delivery on our website before you start watching such films, because you are provided with increased salivation.

How is the demonstration of food on the screen

It's no secret that during the filming of a movie, series or even a regular commercial on the other side of the screen, real magic happens, and professionals who specialize in tasty and mouth-watering pictures can make the viewer believe in the impossible. Sometimes everything happens quite simply and really - for example, on the set of the famous sitcom “Friends” they ordered a real pizza on the set, which not only actors could feast on and between, but the whole film crew and even the audience, reaction which we hear as a voiceover laugh. They ate pizza constantly, because in the 90s it was the most popular fast food to order - they simply did not have Ossetian pies with delicious fillings. And we have them, and we will be happy to bring you fresh hot pie at any time - just call! If we are talking about commercials, then everything is much more complicated. Instead of real beer foam, they show us soap, but instead of swimming in milk, cereals solemnly drift in a mixture of glue and sunscreen.

Visual deception is impossible in Ossetian cakes

In the 2000s, there was a real boom when people broke into the Internet and began to upload photos of how cakes from packaging, sandwiches and so on actually look. On the one hand, this is good - there is nothing to deceive the buyer. But with a real picture, hardly anyone wants to buy food that has lost its appeal. Our pies are really beautiful, because we sell them freshly baked, but on the shelves of the shops you are unlikely to find something as fresh. So manufacturers had to resort to various tricks in the form of preservatives and stabilizers, dyes and other food additives, which we talked about in previous articles of our blog. Choose fresh and hot pies with delivery in Kiev, order right now on this site, and you will definitely not be disappointed.