Fruit boom

Fruit boom

Ossetian fruit pies: an excellent substitute for high-calorie cakes

All of us, regardless of age, love holidays, solemn feasts and sweet treats. But, unfortunately, not everyone likes too sweet high-calorie cakes with fatty creams, a lot of dyes and various food additives. Moreover, not everyone can use such sweets - for many children and adults, the main dish of the festive table can cause allergies or cause other harm to health. Therefore, those who try to eat exclusively wholesome food prefer to order fresh Caucasian pastries at the Three Pies bakery for the holidays.

Bright taste of natural fruits

The most ardent admirers of sweet Ossetian pies with fruit filling are employees of numerous offices of the capital of Ukraine. At lunchtime, managers and their subordinates want a hearty and tasty meal. Ossetian fruit pies - this is the best option for those who want to enjoy inexpensive Caucasian cuisine and fully satisfy their appetite until dinner.
The Ossetian pies delivery service in Kiev gives you the opportunity to quickly set the festive table for colleagues to celebrate the success of the department or congratulate the employee on professional achievements. And also - this is a wonderful chance to have fun celebrating a birthday or any other holiday as a friendly team at work.

Ossetian fruit pies are a great alternative to cakes, as they:
  • Made from exclusively natural products according to traditional national recipes;
  • They can be an excellent treat, both at a children's holiday, and during a cheerful lively meeting of girls who watch their figure;
  • A thin, well-baked crust hides a large amount of filling underneath. And that means that everyone who is at the table will be able to enjoy a tasty and healthy treat.
Sweet Ossetian fruit pies are a light, at the same time, hearty meal for those who value their own time. There is no need to spend free minutes looking for a free table - the delivery service for fresh pastries of the Ossetian bakery Three Pies delivers timely pre-orders to all areas of Kiev.

Healthy lunch - great mood for the whole day!

In addition to fruit Ossetian pies, in the company's menu you can choose excellent pastries with a different filling. The greatest demand among the people of Kiev is combo sets of several Ossetian pies. They allow you to economically dine in the company of friends, colleagues or business partners and at the same time save money.
Also in a large assortment are presented natural berry fruit drinks that are made by cooks using proven traditional technology. These drinks blend perfectly with the taste of Ossetian fruit pies. In addition, this is every fruit drink - it is a source rich in vitamins. So, the meal itself becomes not only tasty, but also very useful.

Ossetian fruit pies are the taste of summer in every fragrant and sweet piece!