Hygiene of food in the context of everyday life

Hygiene of food in the context of everyday life
There is one story about a geologist who came to a distant mountain village, and there the hospitable hostess began to regale a rare visitor. The pilaf in the pot just brewed, and perhaps the cleanest of them was pulled out of the stack of plates. Seeing the horror in the eyes of our geologist, the hostess was slightly embarrassed and, choosing the cleanest-looking from her lower skirts, wiped the bowl. Having generously imposed food and not even forgetting to offer a fork, she sat opposite, waiting for praise in honor of her culinary abilities. The awkward pause dragged on, because our hero was not sure that he would be able to eat from a clearly dirty plate, which, moreover, was rubbed with underwear in front of his eyes, but then salvation came in the form of a host. He was busy with animals in the yard, and the smell of pilaf lured him into the house. Smiling joyfully, he scooped up a portion of food with the first bowl he got and, without even glancing toward the cutlery, began to eat his hands with dinner. The specks of manure on the sleeves could not interfere with his gluttonous happiness.
You can look for various explanations for this and other similar phenomena that still occur in our world, but the fact remains that if we want to eat deliciously without risk to our health, we must always keep clean, especially when it comes to the kitchen. When we cook food to order in Kiev, we guarantee you perfect hygiene.

How to check your own kitchen for cleanliness?

There is dirt that can be seen with the naked eye, there is one that smells give out. But hardly anyone every day takes samples from their kitchen surfaces and sows them in a Petri dish. Although, perhaps, sometimes it would be worth it. Bacteria feel especially frivolous in warm, hard-to-reach places, and there are more than enough such places in any kitchen. In addition, in an effort to create beauty and coziness, people do not always think about what materials should prevail in the kitchen in terms of hygiene. Eating homemade food, not daring to treat ourselves to food delivered to your home, we are forced to keep many different products in our fridge. But do we always remember how much this open packaging with fish already costs when exactly this salad was seasoned with mayonnaise? Do we know one hundred percent that pork, which is thawing on the lower shelf next to the drawers for vegetables, does not contain parasites?
In order to be sure of the quality of the products, you need to know exactly what is happening in the refrigerator. And if there are a lot of products, the family is big, and for the second week already someone’s yogurt is moldy in the depths? The hostess will have to devote all her time to the kitchen alone, so that cleanliness is maintained impeccably. And many go for it, sacrificing time for sleep and rest.

Ordering pies from us is a guarantee of perfect cleanliness

Moreover, both in our kitchen, and in yours. Our cuisine is our pride. Perfect cleanliness reigns on it even at the height of the working day, and we do not give a single chance to the products to last until the expiration date. We are confident in our suppliers and in the quality of their products, our chefs wash their hands more thoroughly than surgeons before the operation, and regular professional cleaning completes the picture that any examiner will admire. The products are marked and lie separately from each other, the meat is always as fresh as possible and can be properly heat-treated, the ovens are regularly cleaned, vegetables and fruits are carefully processed before cooking.
And with your kitchen, everything is much easier - by ordering food with delivery in our pie, you free yourself from worries about food, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes. We wish you bon appetit and a good rest!