Jalapeno. What it is?

Jalapeno. What it is?
This pepper came to us from the family of hot peppers. Despite its small size, the peppers are extremely spicy. It comes in both red and green. It became popular thanks to the Mexicans, because it was originally used only in their kitchen, and with time has gained fans around the world. Jalapeno is very useful and rich in nutrients.
In this article you will find information about the nutrition of this pepper, the side effect and how to combine it with other dishes.
Peppers are low in calories, so anyone on a diet can afford it in our delicious pies.
Just like the vast majority of fruits and vegetables, jalapeno is the best source of fiber. Also, this pepper is rich in vitamins such as C and vitamin B6. Due to its vitamin C content, pepper is a good doctor. After all, this vitamin is an antioxidant and fights against cellular damage. It also keeps your skin firm and healthy.
So, from this we conclude that the stuffing of our most delicious Ossetian pies is extremely tasty and healthy, it is low in calories but very hot.
Important information for those who are thin
Jalapeno is your friend and assistant. It will easily help you lose weight. This is because it speeds up your metabolism, lowers your appetite and helps you burn fat. All this explains the fact that people who adore and constantly consume such chili pepper are never overweight. They are always slim and healthy. So, slim along with us at our wonderful bakery or order delivery from our paradise town, because we deliver Ossetian pies all over Kiev.
And these are not all the positives of jalapeno. Not many people know, but it helps fight cancer cells. It is capable of killing up to 40 of their types without damaging normal ones. Due to its magical properties, this pepper stops the growth of cancer cells, slowing the formation of new blood vessels in the area of ​​cancer. Pepper also prevents cancer from spreading to other areas of the body.
However, human studies have not replicated the benefits associated with cancer found in laboratory studies. It is very important to monitor the dosage. After all, while high doses of capsaicin slow the spread of cancer, low doses can stimulate the spread. So be careful. Doctors have proven that jalapeno acts as a good analgesic when used externally.
Jalapeno pepper fully ripens from 2 to 3 months. When the pods turn green, they can already be harvested. But when the pods turn red, it means that the season is over and you should look forward to another one. Red pods, oddly enough, have low value compared to green ones. But they also do not lie without business, for them there is an application. They are dried and smoked or used for cooking Mexican Chipotle Spice. Processing and collection can only be done in gloves. Contact with these peppers may cause skin irritation. And how to store it? Jalapenos are stored in a sealed glass container, because it will stand in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks. If you want to keep this pepper for a long time then you need to freeze it. But in our bakery we just don't have time to do it. The demand for our Ossetian pies with such exotic stuffing is extremely high. People usually order them for delivery, because they are confident that we will deliver in perfect condition.