Measuring correctly, or not all spoons are the same

Measuring correctly, or not all spoons are the same
If you, like us, love not only delicious food, but also something delicious to cook, then you probably know a lot of recipes sites, watch cooking shows and even spend time digging out grandma's cookbooks with notes. But very often culinary experts, who have not yet become proficient in art, ask themselves the question - how much should be strewed? When they write, for example, a glass of flour - does it mean Soviet faceted, or a glass for juice, or some special culinary spherical in a vacuum glass, inaccessible to mere mortals? And it would seem that this problem should be solved by a kitchen scale that allows you to accurately measure the right amount of grams of an ingredient, but not every gram indicates it, and not everyone has a kitchen scale. And for baking, for example, the right Ossetian pies in Kiev, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions.

A glass of flour or a cup of flour - we cook pies correctly

Even companies that produce kitchen equipment do not always perfectly synchronize their measurements, which is very strange, because the Chamber of Mer and Libra is still in place, but it is not able to help in some culinary situations. Ordinary housewives or experimenters have to rely on luck and luck, but there are some tips that we can give you in this situation.
First, try to reproduce the same recipe with different cups and spoons as measuring vessels. The results can be almost indistinguishable, but they can really amaze you with how often the size matters. The size of a cup, spoon, measuring cup - anything that is involved in cooking.

If a kitchen scale is still in your arsenal - great! Put your glass or cup on the scales, reset the readings and pour in the cup what you want to measure. Take some time to experiment, and you will already know exactly how many grams of sugar, flour, water or oil your tank holds. The density of these products varies, and the same amount will be different weights - this should be remembered. And when you get tired of applied mathematics in the kitchen, order food delivered to your home and just enjoy the result of the work of professional chefs.

Rewrite recipes correctly

If you still decide to take your grandmother's cookbook to reproduce the very pie that she fed you as a child, then it’s better to involve the grandmother herself, who may have had her own ideas about cups and spoons as measuring containers . Where a teaspoon is indicated in the recipe, grandmother could well take a coffee, or vice versa, table, so for posterity it would be best to rewrite this recipe based on grams and milliliters. How exactly to do this - we have already prompted you above.

In general, this applies to absolutely all recipes for home cooking. Restaurants and bakeries use routings that simply do not leave the slightest room for an accidentally crept in error or misunderstanding. We bake Ossetian pies according to sophisticated recipes, and measure the amount of filling so that you never complain about the fresh taste or insufficient amount of any ingredient. Ordering cakes at home with us is much easier than any culinary research in your kitchen, so feel free to use this main life hack. And you don’t have to wash the dishes afterwards, which also can not but rejoice.
Pay attention to the abundance that we offer you. Each pie is really worth it to try it - make sure of this from your own experience by calling our manager right now!