How we reduce words and how it affects our speech

How we reduce words and how it affects our speech
Our language is not only a means of communication, it is a calling card of the people. This is what sets us apart from animals and is a tool that we can both harm and heal. If you speak well and correctly, then you make the right impression, opening up great opportunities. However, recently we can often see so-called "Americanisms" in our speech, that is, words borrowed from American English. We often say "izi" (easy), "sista" (sister), "rally" (really) and so on. We also often reduce our broadcasting to a minimum, especially when looking for something on the Internet, for example: we usually write food delivery Kiev instead of ordering food delivery in Kiev. What causes this trend?
First, it is an orientation to the culture of the West. Americans like to cut everything, so their English is slightly different from the British. They reduce both the words themselves and the sounds in them, thus "trimming" their speech.
Secondly, we are in a hurry and we are constantly short on time. We often do not want to spend a minute on petty matters, much less telling Google exactly what we are looking for. Of course, you don't have to go to extremes all the time, but it's the 21st century and no different. The modern rhythm of life dictates to us its rules and requires us not to stand still, but to be on the move all the time. Not so long ago, scientists even proved that the Earth began to rotate 2 seconds faster than before.
Thirdly, the fact that all history develops in a spiral should not be excluded. Ancient Egyptians used to communicate pictures-symbols, hence, apparently, and went all kinds of emoji. But Latin is a shorthand for abbreviations, so everyone knows & meant and, and the @ sign replaced the word yes. Here are historical repeats, because these signs still mean the same thing.
Fourth, it is a culture of communication that we often neglect. People, and especially teenagers, like to reduce their speech so that sometimes adults cannot understand it. This is due to the fact that most of their time they spend on the Internet or communicate with each other through SMS. It is these two factors that influence the way they talk.
Whatever it is you do not need to say the right thing and of course to cut it right, because without that. The main thing is to choose words according to the situation. If you are at work, it is best to speak unmistakably, avoid parasite words and keep your speech to a minimum. In the circle of friends you may not pay attention to the formalities and communicate as you like, especially since your friends are already used to and accept you as is. And if you use the Internet and he perfectly understands what you mean by the term delivery of food cues or food delivery, then write as you want, do not go into the details, because as the once popular advertisement commanded, “no one will understand, Yandex will understand».