How our body consumes calories

How our body consumes calories
The human body is an interesting and mysterious thing. Every day, scientists discover more and more facts about the human body. And the possibilities that a person is capable of cannot be listed at all.

Some interesting examples

Did you know you can't swallow and breathe at the same time. Checked? The reason for this is that the epiglottis, while performing a protective function, will not allow the food to enter the respiratory tract and we will not be able to sniff, of course, unless we speak. Hence the saying: "You walk - shout, sit down - be quiet."
And will you be able to move your ring finger so that others do not move, no? This is due to the fact that this finger and the middle are connected by one muscle. Our body has undergone a number of changes since birth. For example, an adult has 206 bones in the body at a time when the number of babies is 300. They are simply very small and eventually grow and unite with each other.
The fingerprint of a person appears at the third month of life, and the most sensitive is the index finger. You smile at an adult 100 or even 200 times less than a child a day. Well in this case we need to learn from children to enjoy life.
Another interesting feature of our body is to burn calories. Did you know that a person consumes up to one and a half thousand calories even while at rest.

How are calories consumed?

For normal functioning, the body of an adult must receive two thousand calories daily. We take them from food. It is clear that these calories have to go somewhere. And interestingly, the body can spend them at rest. Even when you are lying on the couch, your body spends up to 40 calories. During sleep, people also consume energy and consume up to 300 calories, especially between 11pm and 1am. Imagine you sleep and lose weight at the same time.
Certainly, we are not constantly in the so-called "sleep mode", and all the time we move and also consume calories consumed. For example, homework, such as washing windows or floors, takes us from 150 to 300 calories. Sweeping the floor or wiping the dust, you can get rid of about 100 calories, and cooking will take you 75 kcal. Also, a lot of energy is consumed by people during intellectual activity, so even just reading a book will help you lose weight.
For those who consume more than 2,000 calories a day or just want to maintain their body in good physical fitness, sports are recommended. Exercise, such as jogging, walking, jumping, swimming, or roller skating, helps you get rid of up to 600 kilojoules.
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