How to teach children independence

How to teach children independence
The main task of parents is first of all to teach their children independence. So that they can make their own choices and solve difficult conflict situations.

How to do it?

First, teach your child a little more about what he can do on his own. After the first year, your baby will be able to bring himself the clothes you ask for and put the toy in its place. And let him look for the T-shirt, pointing the pandemonium in the closet, praise him anyway, because your baby did something on his own without your help.
Second, do not rush to do everything for your child. If your child can already take a glass off the shelf and get to the tap with water, then why not get him some water.
Third, praise any child initiative. When you sculpt dumplings or work in the garage and your baby comes to you with the words "I will help", do not push her away, but rather give that piece of dough or pliers and she will be the happiest child in the world, because she will feel that you need it . And if you still praise her during this, she will understand that you value her. And let your kitchen not be as clean as you would like it to be, or your tools will be scattered around the garage, but you will do something together, which is far more important than cleanliness and order.
Fourth, if a child has his or her own room or so, so to speak, a corner in a house with its own belongings is wonderful. Explain to the child that this is his or her own territory and can be used at his or her own discretion. Be sure to explain the rules of cleanliness.
Fifth, do not forget to teach your child to care for someone or something. It can be a houseplant that will need watering, but no reminders on your part, or a pet that needs care and care.
Sixth, keep talking to your child about safety. Tell us what is good and what is bad and emphasize that she will be responsible for her actions.
And one more, the seventh point - do not be afraid to involve your children in any choice. Let them choose what clothes to wear and what music to listen to, but of course, be sure to clarify the appropriateness of their appearance in a particular situation. Listen to your baby. Let her choose how to spend the weekend, what movie or show to go to, and even what food to choose. When ordering Ossetian pie from the Three Pies bakery, let your child choose a meat or cheese pie or choose a sauce for it. By allowing you to make choices, you are thus preparing your child for adulthood, which will have many more questions and choices ahead of her.