Who can eat anything in the post, even pies

Who can eat anything in the post, even pies
We already talked about why a post is needed at all and whether it makes sense for people who are not involved in religious traditions. Today we’ll try to figure out whether it is possible for everyone to refuse many familiar dishes for a while. First of all, of course, women who care about young people who are physically dependent on them - pregnant and lactating - should not listen to anyone but their doctor when it comes to dietary restrictions. Meat and fish contain substances that are absolutely necessary for the proper development of the baby. Young children and girls in their teens should also not follow strict dietary restrictions so as not to disrupt the growth and development of the body. Order the best delicious Ossetian cake with delivery in Kiev and feed your children. By the way, even in the process of planning and preparing for pregnancy, you cannot deprive the body of the necessary building materials. If you are an absolutely healthy adult man and absolutely not pregnant and do not breast-feed, then there is a loophole for you - fasting is extremely undesirable for those who are engaged in heavy physical labor. Protein is essential for vigorous muscle function, and lack of it can lead to serious illness. Older people, as well as those who are traveling, are also contraindicated in fasting.

How to help yourself survive the post without Ossetian pies

You can’t start a post abruptly. As a matter of fact, drastically changing the diet is in principle not recommended under any circumstances. For example, if you want the diet to work as expected, don’t start on Monday or right now. Think of a plan for a smooth entry into the diet, gradually removing harmful and forbidden foods. Thus, it will be psychologically easier for you to put up with time constraints, and the body will have time to adapt to a new unusual mode. By the way, Ossetian pies can be eaten both during fasting and during the diet - just choose the pie that you like from the lean menu! Even if you decide to fast for religious reasons, first consult a doctor and then discuss his recommendations with the priest in the church. Surely he will approve a slight relief, because health should be in the first place of any person.

Diseases that relieve the need to refuse pies

Diseases of the immune system, blood, metabolic disorders and acute chronic diseases are an unambiguous contraindication to fasting. Although, if there are other nuances - for example, obese people can really benefit from fasting - and here you need to find the right balance. Of course, the doctor will best cope with this task, but if you have any chronic disease, then you yourself probably know very well which foods you should avoid and which must be present in your diet. Given these subtleties, you can create your own menu for the post, and even choose your Ossetian pie with delivery on our website. We prepare the dough without eggs and other dairy products, and you can read more about the filling in the description for each product. It is also worth remembering the periods during which you will adhere to certain dietary restrictions. Great Lent lasts almost two months, and this is a serious period for any person whose meals in normal times are at least somewhat different from the Lenten menu. Eat tasty, with pleasure and with health benefits!