Briefly about the main thing

Briefly about the main thing
Alas, the quarantine continues, but this is not a reason to relax and forget about self-realization. Now is a lot of time for self-development. You can enroll in various cooking courses, for example. Well, if cooking is not your element, then our team comes to the rescue. We will always feed you, with us you will not stay hungry. Order our famous and delicious Ossetian pies home. Choose large portions for the whole family, and if this is a company and you do not know how many pies you need to order, then call us, and we, in turn, will help you figure it out.
What is most important for you in our Ossetian pies? Judging by the results of the survey, this is a juicy filling. But, in order to, for example, the meat was very tasty, spices are added to it. We’ll talk about them today.
What you didn’t know for sure
1. Well, today we will learn more about spices. Let's start with the most elite species. Do you know which spices are the best and therefore the most expensive in the world? This, of course, is saffron. You just bother yourself, one kilogram of these spices costs several thousand dollars. For ego cooking use stigmas of saffron flowers. Few people know, but in one such flower in all you can find three stigmas. Now you understand why saffron is so unique? Indeed, to prepare a kilogram of these spices, it is necessary to process several hundred thousand of such flowers. After this long and painful process, the stigmas are dried over low heat. Masters should always strictly adhere to the rules of preparation, because if they do at least something wrong, the slightest mistake will ruin the whole game. Yes, now not everyone can afford dishes with these spices, but before, our ancestors, the inhabitants of Russia, used saffron as they wanted. Added to everything that they come up with. Often added to the dough and kutya. Alas, in our century, people have learned to copy and fake everything that they see. But in the Middle Ages, such work with these spices was regarded as a terrible crime. People were punished for this. The punishments were harsh then, people were executed.
2. We talked about the most expensive ones, and now let's move on to the most ancient ones. Who do you think is the protagonist of our second paragraph? Every hostess in the kitchen has these spices - this is cinnamon. People mentioned it in the Old Testament. Information that few have heard: cinnamon is made from the bark of an evergreen tree. It grows in India and Sri Lanka. The Portuguese who captured their lands became monopolists.
Then the Portuguese gave up their place to the Dutch. And they, in turn, began to introduce their own order. Thus, from this time on, the local population recognized the taste of peculiar taxes. Every man over twelve years old had to procure twenty-eight kilograms of cinnamon per year for the colonialists. You just bother yourself with it. Such taxes were chosen by the government for a reason. At this time in Europe, people went crazy with cinnamon, respectively, there was a great demand for these products. Very often there were cases to acquire cinnamon, people gave their gold in a 1: 1 ratio. And that was normal.
3. And now let's talk about South America, more precisely about the spices that are rooted in this place. And this is wild vanillin. Few people know, but the Aztecs added this spice to their drinks long before the advent of Europeans. Vanillin even served at one time as money for some Indian tribes. It is amazing. Now the center for the production of vanillin is not located in South America, but in Madagascar. Already from there, all people get these necessary spices. Many people nowadays buy not real vanilla. After all, she is purely insanely expensive. For its production, you need to collect spices manually. And this is a very long time. Therefore, often we buy artificial substitutes.
4. Now every person can find a lot of pepper, because these are the usual and necessary spices, like salt, for example, should always be. But if you transferred this pepper to Europe during the Middle Ages, then you would be a very rich person. Why is that? That is all simple and clear, in those days pepper was valued more than gold. In our words, it was a stable currency. A wealthy merchants at that time called bags of pepper. Now go to our website and order our famous Ossetian pies, you just won’t find it tastier than ours, you don’t even have to waste your time. Choose a filling that you like a lot, maybe you like sweet, salty, meat, cheese Ossetian pies, we have everything you can dream of. The filling in our Ossetian pies is very tender and juicy, hearty, and the dough is soft and thin. As you like, more toppings, less dough. So order, wait for delivery, and we have it very fast, then sit on the sofa and imagine what you would do with that pepper in the Middle Ages. Sit, relax and just dream. Scientists have proven that dreaming is simply necessary for man. This gives him a stimulus to life, raises his mood and reduces the risk of contracting fatal diseases.