Culinary show. History

Culinary show. History
Television is no longer considered a form of art, as it used to be, it is now a media that performs cognitive, informative and entertaining functions. If you count, a person spends almost 20 years in his entire life, using various kinds of gadgets, among which TV is the place of honor. We watch all kinds of movies, TV shows, news and all kinds of reality shows. A culinary show is also a kind of a real show, where you are shown on the TV screen how to cook a particular dish, as well as tell you all the secrets of cooking and interesting stories.
Currently, almost no Ukrainian channel does without such a show on its air. Let's not go into the details and roll call them, just note that this format of the television program appeared in 1940 and their variety now varies from a thoughtful cooking program to a true no-script cooking show, the footage often goes from the first take, and it involves real people, not actors.

The first cooking show

This format was first shown in the UK. In the post-Soviet space, the history of ethereal cooking began to exist in 1993, when a show with A. Makarevich “Taste” appeared on blue screens. Of course, her purpose was not simply to tell how a particular dish was prepared, but rather, it made it possible for TV stars to glow on the screens once again. The show has been quite popular throughout its existence. And this is not a lot and not a little, but for 12 years. Ivan Urgant revived "Taste" a year after they stopped showing A. Makarevich.
Apparently, this format is appealing to everyone, as it is gaining in popularity and expanding its audience every year. Spectators are especially pleased when famous actors, singers and other artists prepare interesting and affordable dishes in their kitchen. Even the stars themselves enjoy gaining their audience by creating culinary blogs and social media pages. And some even make movies where the main events take place in the kitchen. Particularly popular, first in Russia and then in Ukraine reached the series "Kitchen" with D. Nazarov starring. In 2014, even a part of this movie was filmed in Paris, which was called “The Kitchen in Paris”.
It is also a popular culinary reality TV show that appeared almost 10 years ago, in which fans compete in their skills and strive to reach the level of master chef.

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