Do you dream to bake Ossetian pies? Become a cook

Do you dream to bake Ossetian pies? Become a cook
Any work should bring not only money, but also pleasure. And when it comes to creative professions that require not only diligence, but also sincere love for their work, then this very pleasure is guaranteed to a person. If you are looking forward to the next issue of “Master Chef” not only in order to follow the fate of the heroes, but also to gain knowledge about the cooking process - think about it, maybe you should start a career in culinary art? Of course, this work is not for everyone. And we are talking not only about culinary talent, which, if desired, can be replaced with honed craftsmanship, but also about a number of other qualities no less important for this profession. You need to understand that this is a very energetic work. Constantly on the feet, constantly in a mode of increased activity. Bake a day for more than one Ossetian cake to order, but a couple of dozen - not everyone can stand it even physically. Work boils in the literal and figurative sense, and the main burden falls on the evening time, on weekends and holidays, when people working in the usual five-day rhythm want to relax and eat. Passing the path from assistant to chef, you will find that your responsibilities have been supplemented by organizational aspects, and often the work takes place in a mode that provides for a high level of stress tolerance.

“Hell's kitchen” or quiet work for the soul?

Of course, not all chefs work in such a tiring mode. You can get carried away by baking beautiful cakes and hone the skill of sculpting decorative roses from cream by slowly exposing the most successful options on Instagram. Starting to receive orders for cakes or pies in Kiev, you yourself determine the amount of work so that it brings pleasure and sufficient income. But if the fantasy is seething and your hands itch constantly to improve and try something new - welcome to the professional cuisine. What is nice - you can receive feedback about your work instantly, and you will always know which way to go. Continuous training, a wide field of opportunities for applying skills and own ideas, and even implementing as a direct boss planning the entire work of your own department - all this is given by the profession of a cook. Even if at some point you realize that this is not for you, the skills will remain forever, and you can feed your friends and your family with restaurant-level dishes at least every day if you wish.

Cooking to order - a dream job

Firstly, the profession of a cook is very in demand today, and always will be. People eat regardless of what year is on the calendar, what time of year, or what economic situation is in the country. Yes, and hire a cook on a cruise ship, in which case you can always. Stable good income for worthy representatives of the profession is also a very important nuance. The chef is the main person in the restaurant, on which depends how satisfied the customers will be and whether they will return, what price you can ask for the dish, how the restaurant will be evaluated by critics, and how successful the restaurant will be in general. Therefore, a salary sufficient to ensure that the cook is not looking for the best share is required. The freedom of flight of creative thought, the invention of specialties - all this is an important and enjoyable part of the profession. Guests sooner or later begin to come precisely in order to try their favorite food, and they will certainly tell their friends and acquaintances about it. We always remember this, and therefore have introduced unique recipes for pies with home delivery into our menu.