Is it possible to eat Ossetian pies at night

Is it possible to eat Ossetian pies at night
The idea was once very widespread that if you do not eat after six in the evening, then the correct functioning of the body is ensured, and you can also lose weight if it is available. Even nightmares were associated with late suppers, although at various times they were accused of their appearance from anything from evil spirits to computer games and evening TV watching. A little later, public opinion softened, and it was officially allowed to eat three hours before bedtime, because many people live in the "owl" mode, rising at a time when the "larks" have almost lunch, and go to bed after midnight. Nevertheless, there were experts who claimed that at night, regardless of the personal biological rhythm, food was not digested so successfully, and the stomach should be loaded exclusively in accordance with daylight hours. Does this mean that in the summer you can eat more than in winter is still unclear, but the fact remains: lovers of the night dog were not welcomed. But what does modern science tell us about this? It turned out that while saliva and esophagus activity naturally decreases during sleep, the stomach itself does not stop working. Quite the contrary - between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., the production of a certain hormone that promotes digestion increases. So we can say that in the absence of other activities, the body is quite capable of paying due attention to the digestion of food. So if you decide to order food in Kiev looking at night, you don’t have to worry much - the time of day does not affect the quality of digestion.

Round-the-clock food delivery in Kiev always works

Each person has his own daily routine. Although for some it would be fairer to call it the night mode, but we will not quibble on the words. Food delivery works at any time of the day, and even in our 3 Pies network, which officially runs until 19-20: 00, you can pre-order pies that will be delivered fresh and hot at any time of the day. You can discuss this nuance with the manager when pre-ordering. Even if you plan to go to bed after a late dinner, do not worry. At night, intestinal motility is even higher than during the day, so eat cakes and go to bed with a clear conscience. Interestingly, afternoon nap has been a mandatory routine not only for children, but also for adults, and in some countries, afternoon siesta is still an unbreakable tradition. This does not at all fit with the statement that one should not eat before bedtime. The body can adapt to almost any conditions, so if a late dinner (or even a very early breakfast) is already firmly in the habit, you don’t need to force yourself and refuse the usual portion of food. If you want to change your eating habits, then review the diet, and denying yourself the usual meal on a schedule is not necessary.

What is still worth considering during late meals

For people with certain chronic illnesses, late meals may still pose some danger, or at least discomfort. This applies primarily to those who suffer from heartburn, as well as asthmatics. Looking at heavy food for the night is also not worth it - limit yourself to a vegetable Ossetian lean cake, but you should not abuse a tasty, but heavy lamb pie. It is better to order it at the time when you usually wake up, or arrange delivery of lunch to the office. A light dinner will ensure a healthy and healthy hunger in the morning. You need to eat so that the energy is correctly distributed throughout the day. And certainly it is much better to have a hearty breakfast so that the body expends calories in the right direction than to leave all the nutrients for fat stores that will inevitably form if the calories are not consumed where necessary.