Is it possible to eat Ossetian pies in space

Is it possible to eat Ossetian pies in space
Wherever a person is brought - whether it be an impenetrable jungle, desert, or space - it is necessary to eat food at least to support the body's vital functions. Scientists studying this issue put forward a variety of ideas. The problem is that under zero gravity the digestion process does not happen exactly like on Earth, the taste preferences and the astronaut’s reaction to a particular food can change. Plus, launching excess weight into orbit costs a lot of money, and for a long time attempts were made to create tablets containing all the substances and minerals necessary for a person. But, as it turned out over time, even the usual food, packaged in tubes, cannot satisfy one extremely important need - the pleasure and psychological comfort of eating. While we are on the surface of the planet, we do not even think that the joy of delicious food with delivery is a very important part of our life, which we take for granted. The first astronauts forced to dine with fresh nutritious pasta, like no one else, could appreciate the importance of delicious hot food for a good mood and, as a result, high efficiency and concentration on important things. Surely many of them dreamed of a hot Ossetian pie, because in space you can’t eat ordinary pastries. Crumbs of bread are scattered throughout the ship or station, and can be dangerous to the life and health of people in extreme conditions.

How to make a space cake?

Food before being sent to the orbit of our planet must be properly prepared. Special bread that does not crumble, freeze-dried - devoid of water - products that need to be diluted with boiling water before use, a special container that allows you to heat and eat food without spilling it over the surrounding space and time. Thus, we can’t just put a piece of cake in a tube - we would have to divide it into parts, separately dry the filling and add non-crumbling cakes to it, and try to fashion the cake out of it all, returning to it if not its original form, then at least similarity to the original taste. Yes, and no garlic sauce, so beloved by our customers! All products that can cause a change in the established regime of digestion, including legumes, are strictly prohibited in space. The process of sublimation of food occurs approximately as follows: the finished dish is instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen, and then placed in a vacuum chamber, where the evaporating liquid is heated and removed. In the meantime, you have not decided to leave our cozy Earth - order an Ossetian pie with home delivery to please yourself with fresh hot food, and mentally feel sorry for the space workers far from home.

The future belongs to Ossetian pies

The ambitious plans of modern space conquerors are complicated by so many factors. The colonization of Mars and the Moon, about which so much is being said now, is fraught with many consequences for those brave who decide to irrevocably change their lives and become the first real aliens. In order to start eating as varied as it is possible now on the home planet, it takes years, or even decades, of hard and dangerous work. But, it is likely that in the distant future a small courier boat will cruise between the Earth, the Moon and Mars, delivering pies to order at any point on both planets and our constant satellite between the planets.