Meat life hacks for your kitchen

Meat life hacks for your kitchen
Many people simply cannot imagine their lives without regular meat consumption. This is fully consistent with our nature, because man is an omnivore. In addition to the heap of necessary bricks that our body takes from meat and uses it to build its beloved, meat is distinguished by the very necessary building material of our good mood - great taste and appetizing aroma. Our custom-made meat pies are very popular with our customers, so we know what we're talking about.

Tasty broth from inexpensive meat

But the muse of culinary art sometimes condescends to all, and at such moments you want to cook something with your own hands. And meat is a universal product in this sense, because it is used in innumerable dishes. The process always begins with the selection of the piece that ultimately becomes the basis of today's culinary masterpiece. And often you can be deceived by the erroneous opinion that more is better. But if you spend a piece of the most tender tenderloin, boiling it with the aim of obtaining the broth, it will spoil your mood twice - at the time of taking the sample from the broth and at the moment you realize that you spent a lot of money on this fresh water. Having tasted the boiled tasteless piece of meat fillet, you will finally be disappointed in trying to create a rich soup. But you had to take only one right step - to choose a piece of meat on the bone for the soup, which will give the desired result in the form of a strong broth. Well, it is better to leave pieces of meat without bone for the preparation of Ossetian pies, which you can order without too much shopping.

Having figured out the soup, it's time to make a few servings of good fried meat, which no one who likes to eat tasty in his right mind. And here you may come across the opinion that by cutting a piece of meat into small pieces, you will help the meat to fry properly by sealing all the juices inside. But in fact, the size of the slices should be dictated by either the size of the pan or your personal preferences - with proper roasting, you can get a crust in any case, and you can bring the meat to readiness in the oven after the surface of each piece reaches the right condition. Well, if you have a real wood-burning stove, then you can carry out initial quick frying in it, and further languishing in the uniform heat of the stove. For example, we cook our Ossetian pies to order in such an oven, and the taste of meat filling is simply amazing.

Smooth cutlets - a well-fed family

The next piece of advice is not even a trick, but rather a banality, which, however, is for some reason neglected by many. Cutlets, meatballs and other hand-made meat products should be the same in size. Often it turns out that the formation of the ideal size occurs directly during the cooking process, and some cutlets may remain damp inside, while others may be excessively fried. Cooking is an art, but a little scientific approach will not hurt. Try from the very beginning to divide the forcemeat into two, then into four parts, and already each of them divide into even pieces, and of which you will roll cutlets. This obvious, but for some unknown reason, often ignored method will allow you to make a serving of ideal cutlets.

If you have ever been interested in Ossetian pies, you probably noticed that any recipe contains instructions for dividing the kneaded dough into a certain amount of equal parts. Most often, three, since it is the three Ossetian pies that are a symbolic number. We have a special offer - our combo menu that allows you to try three different delicious toppings at the same time, while getting a discount on pies!