Our Ossetian pies as children

Our Ossetian pies as children
Children are the flowers of life. You probably heard this expression more than once from your friends, parents or just acquaintances. Most people have a smile on their faces when we see a small miracle. And how expensive is the feeling when small hands tightly hug you. Children fill our lives with light, joy and meaning. You must admit, we live for the sake of our children, our grandparents lived for the sake of our fathers and mothers. They, in turn, live for us. It’s probably impossible not to love children. And they deserve such love. Children are not spoiled by time, they are clean. They are immediate. Children do not know how to envy and avenge, do not want someone to harm. You see, even parents-alcoholics for children remain beloved parents. Kids do not know how to take revenge, even if they were put in a corner, then they run to you, hug and kiss tightly. They are open to communication. They don’t care about your social status, your work or the last iPhone. This, of course, does not apply to sweets. Having your candy automatically makes you almost your best friend.

Yes, the children are moody. Now, every mother will agree on how difficult it was to get up at an o'clock, two, three nights, go to the bed and calm the crying baby. In those moments, at times, she took anger, fatigue, and psychos. But every day we did everything possible so that our children did not get sick and were happy. We wish them the best, buy expensive toys and try to feed them correctly. We try to teach them only good manners and good behavior. But here's why, if we try so hard for our children, they do not always grow up decent and polite people. Why then does it happen that the children "insert a knife in the back."

Children are like sponges. They absorb absolutely everything. And we, in turn, very often do not notice how we are setting a completely different example that is worth setting. We can swear, use obscene words, insult. And all this is seen by our children. Of course, we will later say that this is a bad word, that this should not be done. But it will be too late. The child has already remembered and perceived it this way, like this is the norm. And then it’s hard to convince them of this.

Children, a reflection of ourselves. Look at them, they behave just like we do. Manners, habits, speech, etc. they copy from us. Who else should they take an example from? After all, we, as parents, are an example for these little men to follow. We must set an example for which later we will not be ashamed. Therefore, it is always necessary to think about your behavior, about your actions, words.

But all the children are sincere. Yes, they copy us, shout, indulge, do dirty tricks, but they are real. They smile because they have fun, cry when they are sad. But all do it for real. Without lies, masks and deceit. These are our real Ossetian pies. We try to bake them wholeheartedly with pure “childish” love for our work. Order delivery of pies in Kiev and enjoy the great taste. Our pies are our children. And we are responsible for them. We guarantee the quality of their preparation and their incredible taste.