Some culinary life hacks for home cooking

Some culinary life hacks for home cooking
Cooking for many has become a familiar daily routine, and for sure you yourself have already acquired a personal selection of tricks that allow your dishes to please both the eye and the stomach. In this collection you will probably find something interesting and useful for yourself. In the end, such information is never superfluous, and replenishing your collection of kitchen life hacks is not too burdensome, and quite useful. Well, if reading this article naturally excites your appetite - make an order for your favorite cake at home so that you can enjoy something while learning new culinary features.

Butter is not only to lubricate the Ossetian pie

If you have ever tried to fry in butter, you know that both the cutlet and a piece of fish can be much tastier if everything is done correctly, because only butter gives a special milk flavor to all dishes. But it turns out this is not done every time, because the butter burns out instantly and does not know how to patiently spill over the surface of the pan, waiting until you set the ideal cooking surface temperature or form the next batch of cutlets. And butter also likes to splatter a lot, as if it were not in a frying pan, but in an inflatable pool on a hot summer day. To cope with this creamy lawlessness is quite simple - first add a little vegetable oil to the pan, and only then dilute it with cream in the right proportion. Another way for those cases when vegetable oil for any reason is not part of your culinary plans today is to try ghee, which is prepared from the usual by melting over low heat and separating the fat from the milk component. This method will require a lot more expensive product, but the choice is yours. And if you don’t want to fry anything in oil today, and even more so to eat it, try our Ossetian pies with delivery.

Delicious Mashed Potatoes

The following hint applies to all the beloved mashed potatoes. Each housewife has its own cooking variation, but the essence remains the same - milk and butter are added to the boiled potatoes and all this is mixed until completely homogeneous. There are a lot of nuances - milk, for example, should be warmed up, and butter is best to be added not directly to the potatoes separately, but to melt right in the milk. But our secret today is not about, but about what usually happens even before milk is poured into mashed potatoes and even before the kneading process. As soon as during the next piercing of cooked potatoes with a fork or knife, you come to the unequivocal conclusion that all tubers are boiled evenly and are ready for the subsequent ruthless trampling with a fork, a pusher, a mixer or any other kitchen equipment, you turn off the fire and drain the water. Some housewives leave a little potato broth to make the mashed potatoes not so thick, but in fact you need to dilute the mashed potatoes only with milk, and the whole broth should either be evaporated over low heat or the cooked potatoes should be thrown into a colander. Potato broth will give your mashed potatoes an undesirable flavor.

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