The most necessary thing in the kitchen is a fridge

The most necessary thing in the kitchen is a fridge
It is the fridge that helps us keep our food fresh for quite a while, and here we look at least 20 times a day, 10 of which just check its contents. And you knew that this achievement of civilization appeared not too long ago, and at first it could only be afforded by very rich people and aristocrats.

The first refrigerator

Even before they invented this miracle device, many people stored food differently. For example, in China, people used to harvest ice blocks in the winter, while in Europe, the cooling function was performed by cellars, wells and deep pits. After a while, people used ice wrapped in cloth and sprinkled with salt. In the late 19th century, the scientist Carl Linde argued that cooling air and liquid was much more effective than using ice. He created a machine that worked on methyl alcohol and was equipped with a compressor. Of course, such refrigerators were very bulky and not suitable for home use.
The first domestic refrigerator was put into production by American engineers in 1911, but it was also very bulky and had small cabinets to store products and cost more than a car.
Four years later, A. Melouse moved the compressor to the bottom of the refrigerator and set up a Guardian Refrigerator Company, but unfortunately things did not go as well as they would like. So three years later he had to sell the company General Motors, which was the first to produce a all-metal refrigerator. But production was still not going well.
Only in 1928 did a Danish engineer develop the model of the first silent, durable refrigerator, which was equipped with an electric motor. That said, it all started. These refrigerators became very popular and General Electric sold thousands of them.
Later, in 1939, freezers appeared in these refrigerators, and 17 years later the world became acquainted with the know-frost system and two-chamber refrigerators.

Now what?

Now, the scientific advancement in the manufacture of these units has come to such an evolution that we can purchase a touchscreen and voice-controlled refrigerator, a built-in camcorder, or even artificial intelligence refrigerators. The most recent one, with the help of an app on your smartphone, will tell you which products you are running out of or have gone wrong, tell you the shelf life and storage conditions of a particular food.

Pie in the fridge

But whichever fridge doesn't fit in your kitchen right now, you can put a piece of your favorite pie in it and it will keep it fresh. If you like to make real home-made pastries, but do not have time to cook them, you can order a pie in Kiev and enjoy it without unnecessary trouble. And if you get excited and order more than enough pie, you can safely store it in the fridge and enjoy the incredible taste for another day. But our pies are so delicious that you will definitely eat everything until the last crumb.