Is sugar needed in unsweetened dishes and why fry tomato paste

Is sugar needed in unsweetened dishes and why fry tomato paste
Continuing a series of posts about the inexhaustible topic of culinary life hacks, today we will touch upon an interesting topic, namely the use of sugar in unsweetened dishes. Today we will not offer you any combinations that are absolutely wild for most people, but we hope that you can discover some of the familiar dishes in a new way with the help of such a simple and familiar thing as sugar. And if you suddenly want something sweet in the process of reading, order a sweet Ossetian pie with delivery.

Sugar is needed not only in sweet fillings for Ossetian pies

Culinary art is in many ways pure chemistry, which everyone successfully forgets after completing the school course and then restores particles of knowledge through trial and error. For example, the process of frying meat, namely the formation of that same delicious crisp, is the real caramelization as a result of the reaction of amino acids and sugars under the influence of high temperatures. If, before lowering the steak into a bacon pan, add a little sugar to the seasonings and roll a piece of meat in them, the crust will turn out to be even brighter and more fragrant. At the same time, sugar softens the meat, so it will not be superfluous to grease the steak with sugar syrup or a sauce like teriyaki.
In the favorite autumn pastime of housewives, namely pickling vegetables for the winter, there is also a place for a sweet crumbly product. By adding sugar to the brine together with the usual herbs and spices, you can achieve a much more balanced taste of the usual crispy cucumbers or delicate pickled tomatoes. Opening such a jar on a cold winter day, you will feel a special aroma and your pickles will gain a new round of popularity with your loved ones.

Enhancing the natural taste of foods

Vegetables themselves contain sugar, which provides them with a bright taste. After all, sugar is not only a sweetener for tea or an indispensable element of confectionery, but also an excellent flavor enhancer, not inferior to salt in this process. But if you add a little more sugar to the vegetable stew, then the vegetables will acquire a beautiful appetizing shine and reveal all their taste properties even brighter than usual. By the way, we have wonderful pies with vegetables, and you can order food delivery to the office so that you do not have to miss delicious food at work.
Everyone is familiar with such a concept as icing, but it is inextricably linked with cakes, sweet pastries and other desserts. But you can cover with glaze not only sweets! When baking meatloaf or tender fish with vegetables in the oven, try gently coating them with icing using a culinary brush just before you completely turn off the oven and let the dish get in the process of cooling down. Don’t be afraid to be late - sugar icing sets almost instantly, but if you overexpose it in the oven, you can get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a burnt, unpleasant-smelling crust on your product.
So, if you have already sweetened everything that you have prepared and want to slightly dilute the resulting result with tomato paste, which is a much more familiar dressing for main dishes, take note of one more nuance. Tomato paste often has high acidity, and even for lovers of its taste it can cause not the most pleasant sensations, especially if you have enough acidity in your own stomach. No, we will not offer you to add sugar there, although many home-cooks do this with this product. Tomato paste already contains sweetness, and opening it is very simple - fry it in a pan with a drop of vegetable oil. Thus, the paste warms up and becomes much more tender.
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We wish you successful culinary experiments and bon appetit!