About nutrition

About nutrition
It is known that a person can live without food for 70 days, without water - 7. Our health depends on what we eat, how long we sleep, and what lifestyle we live. Everyone knows that the most important role in human health is played by proper nutrition. But many people think that healthy or proper nutrition is a diet. That you can eat almost nothing. But it is not.
Healthy Nutrition - Nutrition that provides our body with all the necessary substances - proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates and micro minerals. There is such a saying that the body itself knows what it lacks. But this is not true either. The body should be taken care of. And if you do not use any fruits and vegetables in your diet and you feel good, it does not mean that there are enough vitamins in your body.
 Another factor in healthy eating is age. After all, what is useful to the child can harm the elderly. Does not have the recipe for eating right for everyone. If for children it is necessary to pay great attention to vitamins which are necessary for normal development of an organism as a whole. Older people need to be vigilant about their preferences. After all, such a favorite food, such as fried potatoes, is much worse over time.
But the question remains. What kind of diet should be considered right? Almost every day, more and more thoughts emerge about it, new programs. Some people say that you need to give up meat completely, others say that the path to health goes through raw food. Others are complexes with products that allow a person to achieve nutritional harmony. But in any case, the restriction on food should be, but all within reasonable limits.
Proper nutrition is not about calculating calories and hard diets, but providing the body with the necessary products: meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. It is very difficult to choose one's diet, but even harder to follow. But if you stick to the basic rules of healthy eating, and not weekly, but constantly, you will be able to forget about skin, hair, nails and health problems in general.
What should everyone do first?
1. Forget about fast food forever and try to minimize the consumption of sweet.
2. Consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible, but consider the season. After all, winter vegetables grown in greenhouses or brought from abroad are treated with chemicals for long-term preservation. Not only do these vegetables not benefit, but they also own nitrates and chemicals.
3. Limit the use of refined products: sugar, oil, white rice.
4. Drink plenty of water. Tea, coffee and juices will not replace water. Carbonated beverages are prohibited at all.
5. Remember protein foods: meat, fish, squid, nuts, mushrooms.
Putting a restriction does not mean that nothing else can be eaten at all. It is possible and very much. Your eating pleasure is also important in eating. And we know exactly what dish this pleasure will bring. The pies in THREE PIES are just that. We use useful products when preparing our meals. Order delivery in Kiev and enjoy the unrivaled taste of authentic Ossetian pies.